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• This game is basically a puzzle type game, where you are a ball and need to reach for the exit door. There are 12 unique levels. Complete a level to unlock the next one. During you play the game, you will find that the levels will become much harder and more interesting. You will need to unlock different doors with keys and also avoid dangerous obstacles! Collect the little white dots to earn points. Each dot will increase your score by 15. Watch out though, if you will touch the skulls your score will actually decrease by 20! Move ball with "ARROW KEYS". Press "SPACE" key to pause the game, press it once more to continue the game.

Move with Arrow Keys.
Pause the game with 'P' key.
Reset the level with 'R' key.

Game Dimensions: 640x400

Game Category: Puzzle, Action, Adventure, Strategy, Other

Movement: Arrow Keys
Fire / Action: Not Available
Jump: Not Available

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My experience while playing this "game" can be summed up by one word: WHY?
- Why is this unfinished prototype on NG?
- Why do people keep showing their first experiments with action script?
- Why am I playing this game? The mechanics are completely uninspired; the graphics look too anonymous and generic; the music is nice, but completely detached from the visual experience. However, the biggest fail is the difficulty curve of the game: it's over-easy! And yet, the game gets somehow frustrating: why do the walls change position when I reach certain points? I think It's a bad way to make the levels last longer and it's frustrating because it happens through no fault of the player.

Don't take it too bad though, the first games always end up being really bad experiences. Don't give up! :)


Hmm, the game is not bad, but, I don't like the skull's graphics :(

To be honest, the mazes weren't all difficult. The music was rather ennoying and i was frantically searching for the "Mute" button. And like DerpyHooves1234 said, it felt like you only added moving blocks because you couldn't come up with a decent challenge.

I would maybe recommend this game to a 6 year old! 2.5 Stars!

It does what it does a basic puzzle game but...
The music is...generic as hell most good puzzlers are good for their sound track with out that their usually boring the mazes weren't hard but the shifting blocks made them more annoying and felt like you only added it cause you couldn't make a challenging maze and stage 12 was more like a big F**K YOU due to only being beatable though hidden blocks all in all its decent but kinda boring

One thing to note. On level 12, the blocks that are suppose to appear to the left of the "E" in the exit sign, do not appear. So as your moving along, your just hitting an invisible wall.

Credits & Info

2.74 / 5.00

May 26, 2012
11:38 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other