Human evolution

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Human evolution in few minutes.


For some reason, each time i click continue after dying and spending points i start with zero points and zero new abilities. Each time. Therefore i cannot get past the first jump that needs a double jump.
I tried reloading the page and this still happens.
(I have firefox if that narrows down the problem)

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it should have kept going after it reached us that would have been cool

it was mieh,yet addicting and nice.challenging to.

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Like others have stated, this is a simple game, but simple doesn't mean bad. In this case, it's good. I like the transitions between the creatures you play as & the way it counts down by the years. I do believe that the obstacles could be more complex though. Maybe some shrubs, trees, rocks, or even other creatures could play as obstacles, but it's still a fun game regardless. A major flaw I found in it though is the fact that as you advance & pick up speed & jump higher, you actually have a harder time avoiding the obstacles & keeping on the ledges because you have less control. This gets a bit irritating - mainly because it's supposed to be advancement & not another obstacle on it's own.

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Alright, the game is pretty simple, yes. But if he had made it any more complex it would take away from it. the "simple" game type is used if in these cases when going into more detail would be a waste.so you all stop hatein' because most of you cant do anything close to this.

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3.50 / 5.00

May 26, 2012
3:57 AM EDT
Action - Other