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Ohhhhh wow I can't believe I finally finished this thing, it wasn't supposed to take 2 months but it ended up doing so. It's really just something I threw together involving these two characters, I wanted to do something like this for a while.

Thanks to SirUndead and RicePirate for their incredible performances as always, Spazkid for the sexy title card and for testing the video along with StaticBunny and Daigonite! Also DeadRewind, AshleyAlyse, and Oney for their sweet, sweeeeet music!

And thanks to you, for clicking on the video. You get an even bigger thanks if you watch it!

Edit: tanks, tommy!
*And yes, the plot is indeed supposed to be random. If you don't understand something... well, there's nothing to understand in the first place, so


Well it wasn't awful, but I really thought that this submission of yours could've benefitted greatly from a little back story, just to see why the encounter between the three main characters did so like it did. Also, the male voice acting for the female characters was a big put-off for me personally. The animations were solid though, and the music was pretty dank. The voice acting and lack of story is really what hurt the review score from me. Good job though, nonetheless.

Twisted4000 responds:

Well I'm glad you liked the technical aspects of it. Sadly, I guess not everyone's into this sort've random, strange, parody-like-but-not-actually-parodying-anything style I sorta went for, apperantly, lol.

once again sir undead you are my favorite voice actor
i look forward to anything with your voice in it

Thanks for the spotlight in the special thanks. :)

Anyways, onto the review. The story, while random and confusing, was hilarious and caught my full interest. The animation was incredible, you focused on every last detail, and while the colors are similar to Egoraptor's, they aren't a full-blown purposely copied, well, copy. The voices were great, and the fact that the girls had the voices of men really added to the pure hilarity. Your editing with sound is sublime, as you catch each last detail that happens (while creating your own sounds).

I'm not the reviewing type obviously, but overall, sublime. SUBLIME. 5/5

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Twisted4000 responds:

Thanks for all your support throughout the project's development. And it's nice to know that someone actually went in-depth and noticed all the effort put into this rather than just going "UMM EGORAPTOR LOL"

omg... dude.. shes a dude....

Twisted4000 responds:

no they're females with male voices

Awesome!!!! but... kinda a turn off hearing the chicks voice a a man...
-0,5 for man voices...
but altogether its pretty awesome!

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3.88 / 5.00

May 25, 2012
4:06 PM EDT