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Cell 13

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Author Comments

You are trapped in a Jail and something strange is happen. Find objects and clues in orde to escape.

Click objects to interact with them. The cursor changes to a hand when you move the mouse over any clickeable object. To move between scenes just click on the edges of the screen.
If you want to read the walkthrough just click the "Walkthrough" link and scroll down the page until you see it.
"Solucion" link is the walkthrough in spanish.


Why bother even MAKING IT! It is so dumb! I had high hopes but this... This is crap! Look, I love escape games but this, this is a cheap idea for one. NOT EVEN SCARY!

THIS WAS total BULLSHIT! .................. well maby for a little kid this can be a little scary and hard but for teens and crap Total BULLSHIT

I'm sorry. I had hopes for this game but it just wasn't that good. There are glitches everywhere and no real link between when you find clues and where to use them.

On top of that your "Walkthrough" link doesn't do anything, you say that you just have to scroll down to find it but all I found were comments complaining about how horrible your game was and how some of the codes that were supposed to work didn't. I'm sorry, but this just wasn't a good game.

You tried too hard on the "Creepy" atmosphere and not hard enough on the actual gameplay.

You tried hard to do .... nothing. I personally do not understand anything IN THIS GAME! It's total nonsense!!

Ok, I think you are off to a good start on this I noticed some bugs though. a lot of them seemingly having been triggered by the lighting. I am playing on a older computer that runs on the vista engine and i'm using firefox 9.6 if that means anything to you. as you start the game you are facing a wall. that's cool, there is some distortion in the corners of the screen at start-up that might be from my old monitor or maybe you put it thre i can't tell. it seems that when you look right you are faced with a table, when the lights flicker you can see what looks like a cog on it only after the lights have gone on and off twice can you pick it up. looking left form there is a bathroom (give or take) now this is where i see the next thing that looks out of place. i am seeing a shadow of the cog that is in my invintory in the sink as if i could pick it up a second time. this clearly isn't the case again this might be part of the game but it seems somehow wrong to me, I have played some other point-&-clicks something i've seen done to avoid confusion when things like this come up is that they will highlight object that can be moved when you scroll over them or allow you to highlight all objects on screen by holding tab. the last thing i saw was a graphical bug when looking at the dogbowl under the bed in-between flicker of light there is a bloodsplater on the wall that changes shape. this happens a lot in games that run on a 16bit driver or smaller it's more or less a color filter glitch and no real problem if you are seeing this to maybe you could look into it but there are lots of things that could cos this and most of them aren't your fault.
allright that was a moth full. anyway thank you for the post, i like the game textureing, it's really gritty and foggy like mid 90's SH games or late MAC suspense and i think you could build on this a good deal. i remember that there was a game i had played at the end of the MAC's life I can't remember the name but it had the same first puzzle as this one but then went on to this pergitory like atmosphere with these sleeping divine creatures that you had to free and do jobs for to earn your way out of this cosmic holding-cell. if you write me back i can tell you more but at this point i need sleep. thank you again and good night.

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Credits & Info

2.80 / 5.00

May 25, 2012
11:24 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click