Being One - Episode 5

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Episode 5 in the Being One series - Earth is under attack by your followers and you are tracking Dr Rycroft to a Nanostation he left co-ordinates to.

You must try to find out what sick and twisted experiments he has performed on you in the past. Find out who he is involved with and hopefully get to see him face to face?

You need to know what you are, who you are and most importantly Rycroft must pay for what he has done!


This game is great! XD I LOVE THE WHOLE SERIES.
Though it'll be better if the arrows are connected to the keyboards instead of manually pressing the arrows on screen.

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um... i thought it stopped at being one 4 omg 2 months... i thought it was the end how did i miss it though i looked up and down your game submissions yet i missed this one wow. just wow

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i liked the first hacking games and the atmosphere is amazing, but later hacking games were pure evil and as they werent linked to the cursor keys, i couldnt finish the game.
everyting was great, except this, but it kept me from finishing the game and knowing the rest of the story, so it's 3.5 stars instead of the 5 i would give all your "being one" series.

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This is probably the best game out of the series because it has a few puzzles (more like mini-games) that you need to think about - at least a little bit, but it's thankfully not like a couple of others games in this series where you don't have to think at all. There is one in particular where you have to move a light around a screen that could really have benefited from a keyboard control option, and the avoiding the debris section right at the start doesn't look or operate that great in my opinion, but other than that they do add to this game in a way you typically don't find in point and click adventure games.

It's a great shame that after all that effort, there wasn't any kind of ending - just that meaningless score again. There's potential for 1 more game because there's still a certain mystery to solve with your old friend Venus, so I do hope there's another game coming. Overall I enjoyed these series of games, I'm glad I played them, but I felt at times the execution could have been better, and there seemed to me to be a slightly uneven standard of quality between the games.

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Beautiful and well-thought-out! I especially loved your references to Alien (that movie) throughout the game, and you've really done your research in not just this game, but all through the series!
Hopefully in the next game, the Being will take things to their logical conclusions and tie up those two loose ends we all know and loathe!

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May 25, 2012
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Adventure - Point 'n Click