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Hello Newgrounds! I missed you.
I finally have the opportunity to show you LUCKY DAY FOREVER. Completed 2011, premiering at last online NOW, right here on Newgrounds!

"Prole 514 dreams about winning the Great Lottery. The lottery winner is transformed and allowed admission into the elite White society, where everyone is beautiful, young and happy and people spend their carefree lives solely on fun and partying. One day, 514's wish comes true... but was this what he really wanted?"

Thanks for all the great feedback and reviews, kind and less kind alike! Yes, I do read them all.


Cool, weird and ambient, Your background art is freakin amazing!

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A little disorganized, but here it goes...
This brought me to tears for some reason, although I don't relate much to the lifestyle of the poor characters. Maybe it's because of the false dream that I and others have shared, which is to break out of a mundane life, become famous, and have fun all the time while not worrying about having a purpose. Or that the main dude didn't even stay to talk to the girl after he won the lottery--he just left and then regretted it later. Then she sees him as an elite person, possibly wanting to meet him again through winning the lottery. This layer of the story is very saddening. But the White society looks so happy (and nothing else), doesn't it?

Aside from that, the dark humor was funny. "Wooppeee! My life as a failure is finally over!" I was thinking,"Oh no! This is horrible! *Chuckle*"

The (exaggerated?) sexual imagery reflecting pop culture had me feeling a bit awkward at times--it's like it was all the society was based on. Those unicycles were a bit funny, too. Was that to show that everyone was only lead around by the influence of their naughty parts? :P

Another thing is that I enjoyed the normal people more than the White society. I was saddened that the story of the main character was completely cut off from the original setting before more interesting things could happen. He and the others were individuals, having more than one expression, even though they did have the mislead dream of becoming "somebody." BTW the slum society seemed to find purpose in living for the chance to become elite.

The visuals: holy shiznit! Most of each bit of scenery can stand alone and be a whole new story.
The music: great choice of music and great placement of music.

Yeah. So, that's what I have for the positive/subjective stuff. No negative comments at the moment.

"Fuck!.. YeeeAAAAGH!" XD

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What can I say about this?
In 2004 I watched "Smile!". I was only discovering the part of Newgrounds that held real pieces of art. It was a long time ago, but that animation had enough effect on me that as soon as I started watching Lucky Day Forever I realized it was you again. I was thrilled with expectation but the movie proved to go far beyond anything I could expect. So... what can I say about this? No words would make it justice, so I won't try to describe the experience of watching it. All I can say is thank you, for showing me the potential of the flash world and, 8 years later, showing me how far can it go and evolve.

It truly is a wonder to have seen this done. Great artwork but the story line has something more to say than what it is saying. It implies so much and it is true.

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I remember watching the earlier from a awhile back and I'm glad to have seen it completely now...
What compelled me the most was the story which was thought put pretty damn good and got me hooked till the end..
Anyways this was really something to watch..

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