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Thanks for watching.

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the style was rather oldschool but the animation was classic

More? Quite amazing, even if I couldn't keep up with parts, the style was interesting, good, too, same with the music. What made you choose such a style?

I love the music but you haven't credited it! Did you make it yourself? If so it'd be nice if you put it on the Audio Portal. As for the animation it's nice you've certainly got a unique style that reminds me of Easytoon animations and is quite far removed from the tween obsession of alot of animations these days. Must have taken a long time to make!
Your timing and sense of weight and power is really good but there your art is so sloppy and there's so much resizing that it loses some of it's effect. I think with a bit more practice drawing and getting consistently shaped character models you could produce something really beauitufl. Not so say this isn't nice, because it is. Very fluid and engaging.
P.S Is this a resubmission? I feel as though i've seen it before but it could just be my imagination.

Wow pretty cool :)
But yeah if you slowed down the animation to 2 times as many frames it would have flowed a lot nicer.

That was good, but it seemed like some of the parts of the animation that should have gone slower, went way too fast. You had some really interesting angles though, keep up the good work.