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There is no fate, everything has changed magical orbs have been released and evil has reigned in Aurla

Erline is A platform Game with awesome graphics, sounds and gameplay with touches of puzzle and rpg

Erline must save Aurla before the evil. You should use your skills and magic to save this fantasy Wold

This is my first game and my first game on stencyl too
i hope you like it



i remember the menu music from a movie, just dont remember what it was

It wasn't too interesting to me, but then again, I like things that crunch, the design was very nice, and the gameplay was smooth, the style was done before though, and so has the gameplay style, all in all, it was a decent game that shows you have talent, good work

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Frozennnn responds:

Thank you!! yes was my first game i do my best im a single guy anyway way for the version adventure in some weeks and will be much better

Reminds me of Limbo, a lot.

Reminds me of a game i played a while back called Limbo, especially with the all-black hero/foreground while the background actually conveys something other than shape, so i like how you designed the look, win for me.

The way you move/control the actions though, that kind of got me. I like the movement/jumping, not bothered by the cricket chirp even though you could've lost that, but the 2 things i hated were:
-The fact that the little magic ball moved really slow, especially on parts where you had to jump to move the screen so you could see where it went
-And the fact that if you switched characters to the little guy and then went back to the main hero, the other guy would no longer follow you. So if i managed to eff it up and mistakenly press E on a level, then go through a really wide jump, i couldn't get the little guy back if i needed him and had to reset the level.

The music was...okay, it fits really well and i like it, but i almost think that only sounds of the surroundings would've done a better job for you, with some other sounds here and there. But maybe that's just me.

One thing i DID adore though...the intro was only 3 pages long. I hate it when people draw those out too much. Thanks for that :)

All in all, for your first game, this is pretty playable, although on parts of it i wished i played with a controller so i could smash it against a wall. :P

Good luck with your future projects!

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Really liked the game, but the controls sometimes were a bit annoying.
Loved the music, by the way. What's the song used in-game?

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3.41 / 5.00

May 24, 2012
8:22 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle