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There is no fate, everything has changed magical orbs have been released and evil has reigned in Aurla

Erline is A platform Game with awesome graphics, sounds and gameplay with touches of puzzle and rpg

Erline must save Aurla before the evil. You should use your skills and magic to save this fantasy Wold

This is my first game and my first game on stencyl too
i hope you like it



Theres no way to restart a level if you get stuck and there are no enemies around. Kinda boring game...

Frozennnn responds:

You have the button restart

the style seems like you are just copying limbo and the levels aren't very thought out
over all the game is way too easy and rather boring
also the second character is completely useless and seems like a gimic to make your game look better

Frozennnn responds:

when you play a rock song on guitar you are copy the rock??? no you are play the same style with your skills its very different

I liked the feel, but there were too many bugs.
Your little blob buddy sticks to the side of walls when trying to make a jump.
Boxes tumble too far with the physics, and get stuck against a wall.
In one level (in world 3, I think) I couldn't figure out WHAT was killing me and I figured it must have been a glitch. I had to stop there.
Why doesn't the level select unlock levels as you progress? Failed game save?

hum... well i gotta admit i was expecting a little more, first the game controls are good (weird noise when she jumps) but the game doesnt look that interesting, the designs are really good but theres no life in it you should put some movement in it like when she walks she wiggles those tentacle things make it more dinamic! its you first game try making a sequel with some improvements that i mentioned(and please make a game over screen or a death scene when she dies she just appears again which kinda suck) im not trying to be a troll im just saying what i think it would help you

There are some good designs (though not very original) here, but the 3WJ branding throughout it all just ruined it for me. It really is sad seeing a lack of artistic integrity here, seeing as you put a bit of time into this.

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Credits & Info

3.41 / 5.00

May 24, 2012
8:22 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle