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Simple Quest - Test Demo

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Author Comments

BETA 0.9.5 Build #100!
A In-Dev Game :D but you can still play it :)

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- More Exclusive Weapons!
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- More Quests!
- Full Story!

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-It's hard to see "you already have this quest" message
-not very clear how it works
-attacks should not show up if you are not high enough level
-the website does not work

This is a demo, next time submit a full and complete game.

That is a pretty decent "test demo" it may not look like muck at the moment but it has a solid game engine.
I wont point out anything that's to obvious but i would like to see what the inventory menus and other menus you have in the game will be.
Also are you going to change the graphics at any point?
I am definitely going to keep an eye on this.

it surely lives up to it's name,and i like simple.my computer is old so those fancy shmancy games make it crash all the same.good game!let me know if you need help with any other games.(i can only give ideas and do beta testing)

TheeCoffee responds:

I have currently a game under BETA phase! its a 8bit pixel game :)

wow really good game but make combat more closer now wtf i searched for move forward to enemy button but i like this kind of games and remove other class skills from classes who cant use them.and really make more

TheeCoffee responds:

Ok :) Thanks for your Review! :D