Sands of the Coliseum

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Challenge your friends and battle your way to the top of the Coliseum rankings in this action-packed Gladiator game !


The shield-bash is not working properly, I just can blcok attacks during the turn I use it, even when it says that the effect will last for 3 more turns.

So here's a pretty good summation of the issues:

-You should not be using a cash shop when people are still losing saves; honestly you shouldn't use a cash shop until the game is more fleshed out to begin with but if you want to scrounge money off of the more eager that's your business ethics and that's all there's to say. Once you discovered people were losing saves to begin with you should have at least put a hold on the cash shop.

-The issue of misses not matching the given percent is something others brought up so I won't bother with that, and I'd assume you're working on that by now if you genuinely care about your release; that being said in this day and age the fact you use a pure miss system is a simple flaw in judgement, you should have used a "glancing blow" system or something similar that still takes the strength attribute and skill level attribute into account so even though a miss is still a negative occurance, it at least allows for a more rounded experience where blocks are more useful for the investment required, dodges are a rare but very fortunate event, and misses which are the most common should not be crippling to a non-dexterity based character.

-Strength is far and away the most useful attribute, put plainly all the attributes should be at least a bit commensurate in worth if they all cost the same investment. There are other stat issues such as vitality being nigh-terrible as an investment due to the mass amount of armor and the bleed system in place to where once your armor is busted, you're against the ropes either way.

-The gameplay is monotone, all characters should attack one body part on one enemy at a time, this is almost always the best strategy and basically requires no adjustment at any time. Crippling or killing one of the opposing team is simply too advantageous.

-Crippling, while fun, tends towards some oddities. Two-handed weapons for instance need an adjustment to where attack is still possible with one arm, just lowered damage by at least half. Otherwise having a weapon or shield in each hand gives you at least till your bleedout to keep pressing on, an obvious advantage.

I did not try multiplayer yet, so I can't comment on that.

The game is otherwise fun, but shows more promise than actual results. I hope I listed some concerns with a few viable suggestions. I know berzerk makes genuinely good flash games/animations so they should be able to patch up this leaky game. If they're capable they'll probably listen to the common criticisms and respond within a pretty short time. Otherwise, do not support them via cash shop because they really haven't earned it yet with this release, and hopefully aren't so greedy as to just reach into the pockets of the uninformed.

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its not the best game I've played but it's ok...

Not bad but here are my main complaints
-The hitting rate is almost broken, even with 90% hit chance I missed 4 times in a row. Yet the opponents hardly miss. (it can make the game ridiculously tedious)
-The stats don't seem to change the turn of events very dramatically which is very unlike most turn based RPG games. In these type of games that ONE extra unit in a stat is supposed to be crucial because it could determine whether you lose or not.
Overall it's not a bad game and I had fun, but fixing those issues would make me feel like I'm wasting less time Swinging at air. (Which is why dishing out DEATH to the enemies is VERY satisfying)

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I had 24 speed and still saw no difference from the level 1 opponent, level 8 opponents would sometimes act twice for my one turn. This makes no sense....

The only stats that see to do anything are strength and vitality.

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May 24, 2012
10:31 AM EDT
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