Sands of the Coliseum

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Challenge your friends and battle your way to the top of the Coliseum rankings in this action-packed Gladiator game !


This game is fun addicting and ACTUALLY TAKES TIME TO BEAT! berzerk studio nice job. I think there are somethings that could be improved on. there should be more ways to get metal bars for the black smith like if he could smelt down items you already have like scrap then forge them into other better things. also it would be cool if you could take the surviving enemies you defeat as slaves to either fight for you or be sold at the slave market. all around good job keep it up Berzerk Studio

Im gonna post some suggestions that i think may be good for the game. The stuff in the shop is too weak compared with the ones we loot or craft, and u should hv a "back" button in case we accidentally add some points in the wrong stat. I mean, will i hv to pay 1000 just to hv my 3 points back? And I think the "currency system" is not balanced. In the first two cities it was hard to get enuf money to buy stuff, but now I only depend on loots and crafted items, and my money seems to be rather useless. And i think u should put some bosses here, like gladiators with special weapons or skills, and when we kill them we will get a reward. Also, can u pls make the moves more variable? Its like the attacks of the gladiators depend on the weapons they use, and the position they strike. That would be more fun and real. And like some ppl said before, after a high level the game is not interesting anymore, so please add some more features in the later cities or advantages for higher ranking gladiators. And is it me or the skills are not much stronger at high levels? Finally, WHY CANT I COMMENT THIS ON BERZERKLAND? THE COMMENT BUTTON JUST WONT WORK....

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2.5 right now.

I'm enjoying the game so far, however; I don't like that if you misplace a point in something you didn't want, there is no back button on it. It seems a tad unforgiving.

I'll be leaving more of my thoughts as I progress though.

How do you load up a saved game? I saved last night and when I tried to play today it made me start over.

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It is a good game but the items in the shops aren't as good as the stuff you get when you kill most of the time. I see it a lot in the higher levels such as Athnea. If you could have more higher up/stronger items in the shops that would make it even better.

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4.47 / 5.00

May 24, 2012
10:31 AM EDT
Strategy - Other