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Bloomo Submarine

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An exciting underwater journey of captain Bloomo in search of very rare plant.
Realistic underwater physics. Nonlinear story, different endings (you can save the world or let it die). Dangerous traps, secret places, huge world and interesting puzzles in one game!


An amusing game; it wasn't too slow on my computer despite of being a physics game.
Disliked that you can't make bombs explode by throwing stuff at them (or at least I couldn't).
On the penultimate chapter I almost died searching the exit and crashing into everything; didn't realize there are "hidden tunnels".

great game, poetic ending, plant taking over plants pic is gold

I liked it, it was interesting and original, especially the "Atlantis fireflies" I've never seen fireflies used in that way before. enjoyed the game but i agree about the walls. should have been something about passable walls or at least made them greyed out so we knew they were in-tangible

I love games where you get to carry stuff around like this.

Well, let's see ...
The music is a soothing melody that blends with the environment, but after a time is way monotonous. 4/5
The gameplay and physics are well applied here. Even I understand the fact that everything is so slow about being underwater, is boring after a while. 4/5
The control I particularly don't like. It's really hard not be going in an extremely tight and collect plants with submarino. But again for reasons of physics, is good. 4/5
In short, the game is good, but do not think he used all his ability to be great. 4/5 in the total.

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3.68 / 5.00

May 24, 2012
7:41 AM EDT
Adventure - Other