Bloomo Submarine

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An exciting underwater journey of captain Bloomo in search of very rare plant.
Realistic underwater physics. Nonlinear story, different endings (you can save the world or let it die). Dangerous traps, secret places, huge world and interesting puzzles in one game!


I really enjoyed this game, it was soothing and pleasant to play at work. the music was not to bad, controls smooth, and used up thirty minutes of my day enjoyably.

great game, poetic ending, plant taking over plants pic is gold

I really enjoyed this game :3!
It was quite challenging at some points, but really enjoyable overall.
I don't get why people complain about the sub being slow and stuff, these are realistic underwater physics, you can't expect lightspeed XD.
I loved the end that I got ^^. Whis such plants existed in real life u.u.
Great game :D!

the game give simple instructions at the start, i did not have idea of what is going on. i like that with the time one can learn how the things are. And i like the End :D It's a good end. I like the picture where the plants take over these "plants".

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I played through twice, and on the second time I noticed that the seed count did not reset so I start with about 37 seeds. I found all 40 seeds (it's 40 right?) on my second time through, but it did not give me the "Happy End".

You could also edit the Achievement screen. Why have the scroll to see one more achievement when you could stretch the box vertically to show all of the achievements at once?

On the third chapter the sub started moving a lot faster. Why not set it to that speed for the entire game?

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3.68 / 5.00

May 24, 2012
7:41 AM EDT
Adventure - Other