War of the Shyguys

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I'm glad to finally have this finished after 6 months of work accumulating of lines, music, and sound. I also got to work with a bunch of different talents who were able to contribute in their own way. TwinComposer (Hill and Wynn) added a whole different dynamic to what otherwise would have been a bland flash. They were a lot of fun to work with and I enjoyed interacting with them and brainstorming themes and parts together. Talk to them if you need music for your flash!

Another special thanks to my voice actors, who added a lot of quality to the flash, as well as my sound composers JesseJames11, and A1desertstorm! Also Teejay-number 13 for his 3D effects and Budge007 for his additional help testing and giving me feedback.

This idea has been with me a long time now, and if feels good to have it done. I'm a huge fan of old newground flashes based on videogames, and to me this is a contemporary tribute to those who inspired me into animation. Originals are coming soon though! These have been a great way to learn the basics of animation.

I tried my best to make this as interesting and fun as possible for what it was. I still plan to learn more from it by reading all your reviews, which helped me get anywhere decent in the first place.



Also Special thanks to Chaosdrakath for his final beta test.

* Thanks for the Front Page a few days back, much appreciated*


The green shyguy was hilarious and the whole story plot was brilliant, i hope there is more on the way.
5 stars.

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EASTBEAST responds:

Thanks my cousin actually did the voice of that character, he's helped me out a lot with voice acting over the years :) I wish he had an NG account so he could get more involved in the community. Glad you liked it

I love how it is mixed between 8-BIT and HD well done! all my 5 stars belong to you!

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good animation, you guyz and girlz!

did anybody thought of hydra bob when they saw the shy green dude?

It just doesn't do anything for me. At first I was thinking, "Oh nice, finally a female protagonist on newgrounds that isn't voiced over by a guy." But the protagonist had the same tone of voice and the same retorts to everything that interacted with her. That really grated on me. The first time she dropped a witty retort was kind of funny, but then it became apparent this was going to get used a lot and it was. The other voice acting was good, though. I especially liked the choices for the green shy guy and the captain.

The plot wasn't really all that great either, but some guys below me have pointed that out well enough that I will leave it alone.

Remember the Super Mario Brothers Super Show from way back in the day? This animation felt a lot like that show. This was nostalgic, but it reminded me of the cheesiness of the old cartoons from that time period. "Holy Shooting Stars" being a good example. I felt like the whole animation could have been brought up to a PG13 level and been more relevant. You know, as relevant as cartoons can be :P

Anyway, I won't punish you for my preferences, you did a good job with this. I think 4.5 is more than fair considering the quality of the content. Just please, develop the main character a bit more, she was a bit too one dimensional in this presentation.

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4.02 / 5.00

May 23, 2012
4:04 PM EDT