run cycle

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My first animation using flash


would've been nice if you spelled using right

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pencilfreak responds:

Ok thanks again for the constructive criticism ill work on that :) i think i left the e in their but im not perfect , mistakes happen... well with me anyway :D

PS : Would've been nice if you used a capital W at the start of your sentence ;)

It works. But it's a run cycle and nothing more.

For what it it, I would say- good job. :) 3/10

As far as remaining on the site, though, I've got to say that it's lacking. :\ 0/5

Newgrounds is for finished items. BUt people have been submitting tests, demos, parts, bits, and such for so long that it's started to get thru, and now people don't know what to do. This is a good example. It's good, so should it get blammed? It's not a story, a finished animation, a completed project; it's a mostly finished loop. Should it stay on here with the finished items? This is too good to feel good about blamming, but it's totally lacking in what it needs to stay.

It passed, so it'll stay, but please only submit finished items. This will forever be an unfinshed bit floating around here, since you won't ever finish it. You'll upload the finished item as a new file, and we'll have both here.

And that's one of the biggest problems Newgrounds has now. Unfinished bits and what to do with them. :\

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pencilfreak responds:

Ok thanks it's just a run cycle but thats what i intended it to be :) i was testing out flash as im learning abut the program for future jobs, as for uploading it, like i said i'm new to the site and have no idea what is or is not allowed on here but as they excepted it surly its ok but if everyone on here feels that way then i probably won't upload any animation test's as i don't have time to do the standard flash animation styled polished work you see on here.

This is great. Very dynamic. My only critique would be that the hammer's handle seems a bit jittery and jumpy.

pencilfreak responds:

Thanks i wasnt to sure if it was but now i no it is lol ill change that up

Its a good animation but this is more for the Dumping Grounds then actual submission.

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pencilfreak responds:

Sorry im new to this site and i have no idea what that is, so i uploaded it to defult setting, were ever it ends up is fine with me as long as i get constructive criticism im good :)

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May 23, 2012
3:51 PM EDT