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The Brim

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-Arrow keys to move left & right
-X key to jump
-R to retry
-M to return to main menu
-0 to mute audio
- & + to adjust volume

Everybody knows that imps like to live on the edge.

Thus, our brave little lesser demon finds itself literally at the brim of hell, where it must survive as long as it possibly can. For points (hell creatures are notorious for being totally into arcade-style gameplay) and possibly the admiration of harpies.

Basically just jump from platform to platform, try to stay away from the edges, avoid the spiked platforms and buzzsawballs, and that's it! The longer you stay alive the higher your score.

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this game is just bad the music is the same thing and the game play is bad it also needs better graphics

that was horrible i thought ''oh maybe this is going to be fun'' well its not graphics are crap and i would get trapped or no bricks would pop up under me and the screen moved wayyyyy to slow

As soon as I saw the title screen I expected the game to be pretty good, I was expecting to delight myself with a luxury meal. The visuals are superb and very appealing. But when I started to actually play the game, I suddenly lost my appetite. The character is very slipery, making the control lose it's precision, I fell various times due to it. And what were you thinking when you made those blocks? The shapes of the bocks are ridiculous and very frustrating to get around. The random generator was also flawed, there were times where I had no chance of escaping because no blocks would appear beneath me or something would just trap me. Summing it up, the visuals were great, but games aren't meant to be looked at, the gameplay needs some serious adjustments.

quite addicting!!

It's a really good game to kill time and it's challenging. You were very clear on instructions. Maybe some power - ups? I like it.