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Play as troubled Trevor Duncan who lost his family in a terrible accident. Now his past stalks him in his huge castle. Can you survive and escape the castle?

This is a small puzzle adventure, sort of an experimental game trying to make a Survival Horror in a pixel top down environment.

Inspired from a lot of sources.

Movement - Arrows Keys
Z - Use Item/Action
X - Toggle Inventory

Some instructions on how to dodge the monster/ghost:
* First of all you can't defeat him. You must run/hide.
* The shadows help you. You can hide in them to wait the monster out.
* Fleeing from room to room, helps but He will follow you. But eventually he will give up and you are safe for a time.
* Really, be careful. If you are killed there are no continues. You have to start over. Play it safe is the best bet.

Good Luck!


wasn´t the best game i played but still pretty good, i´ll give you five

This reminds me of Aio Oni. I'm guessing that's where you got the idea? It was great! I got away once but I went into a room with no shadows and got killed.

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This was a really good horror game for a 8 bit game. I know you got in plenty of comments on the ghost, but seriously the ghost is too hard. One time when I was exiting a room it spawned right behind me and their wasn't any shadows and the ghost being super faster than you screw me over. I respect your gameplay on the ghost though. I do believe the ghost being faster than you is necessary to make the player feel like he isn't safe to add to the horror and the ghost searching the shadow was a good idea. It just that you need to make the ghost a little bit faster than the player, so it give the player a chance to get to the shadows hopefully and fix the spawning point on the ghost. if the ghost spawn right behind you after leaving a room your screw no matter how good you are at the game. Also a good suggest if you plan on making a part 2 with the two kids could you make a item that freeze the ghost just in case if you get in a jam. You could add limited amount of this special items though to add to the horror. Beside that it was a good game. I just wish the stories was more though. We don't know anything about the ghost or the main character. How he get the mansion in the first place. What happen to him and how much time has pass since the two girls show up in the house. O and did you get the idea of the game from Infantata the movie I mean or tv show?

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I did it!
I finished the game!!
It was very hard,especially because I was really scare of the monster... :)
But you guys that are complaining that the game is hard are not really trying to win.
Be patient and try to understand how the monster "attacks" works.Then you can walk in the rooms and find the objects that you need to run away..

You know I think the game is cool. But one mistake, I hide in the shadow then the ghost get's me! How does that happen? It's scary as I want it by the way! Thanks who made this game. By the way it should be rated "T".

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3.59 / 5.00

May 23, 2012
10:03 AM EDT
Adventure - Other