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Play as troubled Trevor Duncan who lost his family in a terrible accident. Now his past stalks him in his huge castle. Can you survive and escape the castle?

This is a small puzzle adventure, sort of an experimental game trying to make a Survival Horror in a pixel top down environment.

Inspired from a lot of sources.

Movement - Arrows Keys
Z - Use Item/Action
X - Toggle Inventory

Some instructions on how to dodge the monster/ghost:
* First of all you can't defeat him. You must run/hide.
* The shadows help you. You can hide in them to wait the monster out.
* Fleeing from room to room, helps but He will follow you. But eventually he will give up and you are safe for a time.
* Really, be careful. If you are killed there are no continues. You have to start over. Play it safe is the best bet.

Good Luck!

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I will create a map for myself!!
I will explore this game!! I think it could help!
I like my jumpscares!! AHAHAHAH

Dude, at least Aoi Oni had SAVES. I become irritated very quickly if i can't save. I tried for hours to beat this game, but for me and many like me, the lack of saves made it impossible. An OPTION to turn on saves would be nice, as it would satisfy everyone and hurt no one, in my opinion.

;) I reallly want to play this. i beat Aoi Oni and loved it,( had to use walkthrough coz soemtimes I'm a neurotic completionist lol) and most of the other indie 8-bits out there like it. OOOOOO but I can't finish this and it makes me saaaaad. please please add a save OPTION.

I like the element of vulnerability. The game is atmospheric and designed to be experienced instead of the traditional, objective-based approach. As I don't like working under time pressure and I love taking the time to appreciate every detail (from art to story), this is really my kind of game. Didn't think that retro styles could give an effective scare --- and I'm very happy to say that I've been proven wrong ^_^ Just one thing though: similar to Brick2013, I am also having trouble determining which of the shadows are really 'helpful' as a hiding place.

Did you use a program in making this game? What did you use?

Stuttering graphic motions make this game tough on the eyes.

You know I think the game is cool. But one mistake, I hide in the shadow then the ghost get's me! How does that happen? It's scary as I want it by the way! Thanks who made this game. By the way it should be rated "T".