Dinosaur Animation

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After a month of hard work, and a month and a half of procrastination, it's finally here!

I tried to do more frame by frame with this one, and planned it a lot more than previous ones, I believe it's my best work, and I'm really proud of it.

It's the longest animation I did, with a little more than six minutes of length!

Also, thanks to everyone who auditioned, animators like me would be nowhere without talented voice actors and supporters!

Shock-Dingo did a great job, you should favorite him. NOW!

I don't know what else I can say, if you have any criticism and questions, you can leave a review or PM me, I'll reply.

Thanks everyone! :)


"Muah!" made me spit out my drink from my nose!

that was really dull and lame untill the end gota work on timing if you think its gana be funny. the animation was nice tho reminded me of home movies with the squigaly lines and shit. audio was good to. but really work on how you write a funny story cut it really dident make sceem funny. unless that wasent supposed to be funny. every one loves R Kelly.

Really cute animation, there are a few thing I don't like like for example the script is sometime really dynamic but the animation look kinda slow and I don't like all the artistic choices like the facial expression. But yeah, just little problem, the animation itself is really cute and kinda funny so yeah well done, can't wait to see your new cartoon.

Now we know why theT-rex became a carnivore. o.o

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I actually liked it.
It's a change from what I have to see on here everyday.

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3.73 / 5.00

May 22, 2012
7:35 PM EDT
Comedy - Original