Blast The Bunny 2

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Easy! 5 Points

Throw the bunny at least 500!

Getting Started 5 Points

Launch the Bunny

Thanks For Playing! 5 Points

Play the Game!

Moderate 10 Points

Throw the bunny at least 1000!

Play the Prequel! 25 Points

Click the Blast The Bunny button, and play the game :D

Quite, Challenging. 25 Points

Go all the way to 5,000!

You Found Meh :3 25 Points

Click the secret button in the menu!

Difficult! 50 Points

Get to 10,000!

Brutal. 100 Points

Can you go ALL THE WAY?! to 20K

The End. 100 Points

Make it to the finish!

WOW! 100 Points

get 0 points! exactly.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

****EDIT: Added my special touch ;D

***EDIT: The "Thanks for Playing" Medal should be working now keep the bug reports coming!

**EDIT: The music should now loop any further problems please comment, PM, or e-mail.

This is the sequel to Blast the Bunny! In this one his evil brother gets a turn at the catapult! You can shoot the evil bunny, through the awesome "nether" and go after the obstacles! This time you can even get awards! As I release this there are 13 medals! edits will be marked like this (ex. **EDIT:) I can not add any more medals because I have run the limit of points! I used 500/500 points for medals! Sorry about the art, I am not the best artist I am more comfortable in the shadows of a programmer even though I am still learning!
If the Medals are not working it is your internet! I tried multiple internet access points and only one didn't work!


I tried not to but I got the 10,000 mile badge! 5 stars!

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SketchistGames responds:

Thanks for the 5 stars :D

No. Just no.
The game's graphical art is poorly drawn,
the music choice is very annoying, I couldn't listen to it for half a minute without muting the damn game. And the game is too simple, there's nothing you can do but click a button at a certain time while watching a bunny soar through the sky, after that, you just wait until you can retry. That's it. There's nothing else.

- Try doing some more practice on your digital drawing.
- Different game idea, this one's too...well. boring.
- Music that isn't annoying, please. Or a music choice.

No original concepts aside from involving a rabbit.
Game play is very poor, you have little to no control over how your go actually turns out as you click throw and that's it. The rest is left up to the game's randomly placed trampolines and terribly drawn fans so it is entirely random if you do well or not.
On the plus side, the music isn't awful, although i couldn't listen to it for hours I didn't have to mute it.

SketchistGames responds:

It's a bunny.

A very very bad parado of such great games as Kitten Cannon or the Turtle launching game )i forget the name). I am amazed at how horrible this was. bad graphics (so bad you can't use the cartoon look excuse), a horrible way of plaing (like a piece of crapy Kitten Cannon, slowed down to a crawl). This should not exist.

SketchistGames responds:

What are parodo and plaing?

Bleh. dumb game. couldnt get past 3 seconds without getting bored.

SketchistGames responds:

It takes longer than three seconds for you to click the game let it load click play twice and click launch.

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Credits & Info

2.72 / 5.00

May 22, 2012
6:14 PM EDT
Skill - Toss