Blast The Bunny 2

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Easy! 5 Points

Throw the bunny at least 500!

Getting Started 5 Points

Launch the Bunny

Thanks For Playing! 5 Points

Play the Game!

Moderate 10 Points

Throw the bunny at least 1000!

Play the Prequel! 25 Points

Click the Blast The Bunny button, and play the game :D

Quite, Challenging. 25 Points

Go all the way to 5,000!

You Found Meh :3 25 Points

Click the secret button in the menu!

Difficult! 50 Points

Get to 10,000!

Brutal. 100 Points

Can you go ALL THE WAY?! to 20K

The End. 100 Points

Make it to the finish!

WOW! 100 Points

get 0 points! exactly.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

****EDIT: Added my special touch ;D

***EDIT: The "Thanks for Playing" Medal should be working now keep the bug reports coming!

**EDIT: The music should now loop any further problems please comment, PM, or e-mail.

This is the sequel to Blast the Bunny! In this one his evil brother gets a turn at the catapult! You can shoot the evil bunny, through the awesome "nether" and go after the obstacles! This time you can even get awards! As I release this there are 13 medals! edits will be marked like this (ex. **EDIT:) I can not add any more medals because I have run the limit of points! I used 500/500 points for medals! Sorry about the art, I am not the best artist I am more comfortable in the shadows of a programmer even though I am still learning!
If the Medals are not working it is your internet! I tried multiple internet access points and only one didn't work!


ok in my first try i got to the end but how exactally i get 0 points again?

SketchistGames responds:

By not being stupid, stop copying others reviews this isn't a comment bar it is REVIEWS. /5 a star is not a good statement for this game and me and you both know it. The game doesn't allow you to get to the end on your first throw so you are a liar too.

Way too easy, got all the way to the end on second try, WHILE TRYING TO GET 0 POINTS!!!

Graphics: Could be better. Either you've to make the quality better or use pixelart-ish art. At least it isn't stolen.

Sound: It annoying. Not the pleasant type of annoying like the trololo song (Eduard Khil R.I.P.) or Nyan Cat, just the "MY EARS!!!1!1one! I WANT THEM DEAF!1!!!bla!1!". Chiptune, MIDI or something that sounds simple would be way better and more pleasant. Or a mute button.

Gameplay: It's kinda boring to just push 1 button and there a tons of games like that :/ Turtle Toss, Burrito Bison, just to name some. The distance is kinda weird. Sometimes bunny just flies like about 2cm and you got a distance of 9000 and sometimes he's flying for ages and just gots about 7000. I would suggest you to cut one 0. It's nicer to have moderate distances instead of thousands of meters even if bunny just moved like about 1-2 cm.

Medals: Yes, they are working but I would suggest you to change 2 of them:
Easy - Seriously, I couldnt get under 2000 even when I tried hard. If would would cut one 0 in the distance calculation, it would be ok but... yeah, you had to change a lot more in the game.
WOW - Couldn't get under 2000 so it includes nothing too.

Other things: Add a nice background. It doesnt look good when your turbines are kinda shaded, but everything else isn't. And you have to admit, the bg is ugly :/ Don't use that transition thing, it doesn't look good. Less simple and plain but good looking colors are better than many in an ugly transition :/

In the end I can't give you more than 2/5 and 3/10. Yes, it is working and stuff but besides that everything else isn't very enjoyable :/

SketchistGames responds:

The distance is counted by the pixels the bunny goes to the right from the catapult

since i got over 12k on mah first throw, this gets a 5stars.

only thing good about this game is that its better than its prequel and free medals cus that's just how easy this is. try something different next time.

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Credits & Info

2.72 / 5.00

May 22, 2012
6:14 PM EDT
Skill - Toss