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What happened? Am I broken?

I just made this for fun (and to try out Stencyl) It's a pretty neat piece of software, sure was fun to play with. I was going to wait and submit this for Robotday and all that, but I can't spend anymore time playing around with the tools right now. So I'd rather just get it submitted and get back to work on Sagittarian 4.

Notes on Stencyl, MOST of the function in game came with the software. Jumping, all of that. I customized some bits here and there, but the hard part was done. Area transitions, I never found any good tools for that so I built my own in the Stencyl scripting language to allow back and forth between maps.

Was fun! Stay cool guys!


Is that it?
This was pretty uneventful.
Not to mention unoriginal.

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Nothing new, nothing original, nothing gained from this venture. I know put forth effort making this game, but honestly it just wasn't good. The environment was detailed and the story mimicked a classic Dystopian novel and setting, so good work for that. Unfortunately this game lacked everything else, especially fun and wow factor. In truth you should have not submitted this and instead worked on it more, because this game did have potential. {f this is the output expected on new projects the you'd be better off sticking with your Sagittarian series.

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i very well liked it but still nothing new so lower score

A very well made game. The lack of instructions (had to figure everything out on your own) mimicked the barren, lonely nature of the setting.
All in all, I'd give it a five star rating, relative to what you were attempting to accomplish.
It gave me some ideas for my writing, too, so I would've given it an extra star out of gratuity if I could.

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Nothing new here just another platformer having you go around in circles, I know you put some effort in it but it was not interesting at all , another thing is that the environment has more detail than the protagonist what's up with that? ;

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3.26 / 5.00

May 22, 2012
5:39 PM EDT