Alien Hominid

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Alien Hominid HD is now available on Xbox 360 Live Arcade! Go try it and buy it!

Your UFO has crash landed, and the FBI is out to get you! Time to take them out!

Programming by Tom Fulp of Newgrounds.com!
Art by Dan Paladin!

Use the arrows to run around and aim your gun. The 'a' key shoots and the 's' key jumps. When jumping over an enemy, press DOWN and 's' to do a freak attack!

* You can ride enemy heads past roadblocks. they can run right through while they are freaking out!

* Eat enemy skulls in front of other enemies while on their shoulders -- their friend's reaction will give you a free cheapshot!

* If all else fails, you can try crawling your way to the end like the scum you are! haha

8/20/02 UPDATE:
Fixed grenade / Freak Attack Glitch
Fixed CAPS LOCK issues
Removed first grenade guy (now just 1)
Added first level intro cinema!

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awesome cuz its by dan palidan

its just too good!

Wow...this game is certainly a classic, no doubt. How does one even begin to review Alien Hominid? This game is such a beloved gem, I'm 90% sure it shaped most of this site in the years following its release. However, does this time-tested browser bullet-hell still hold up? Unfortunately, not as much as I would like. Then again, to expect this game to hold up just as well is it did in 2001 as it does now is admittedly unrealistic. Seeing as how the flash game will probably never see a re-release or an update, let's go over a few things that could have made this the most perfect Alien Hominid ever.

1.) A Difficulty Slider
To make it so that you have a Health Bar, or if that's too difficult to program, adding more Lives would have made the game much more approachable and help it age way better! A simple "Easy, Medium, Hard" selection would have done just fine. Infact adding a Hard Mode would give avid fans of this game (such as myself) something even more challenging to sink their teeth into.

2.) Ways to Restore Health
Heck, if Dad 'n' Me can have Health Items, I don't see why Alien Hominid can't. Then again, you were only given one Health Item and that was right before the Final Boss... Nevertheless, this was something that was changed for the better in the console release of Alien Hominid
(and Alien Hominid HD). The more points you scored, the more Lives you could earn.
To implement that into the flash version of the game would be great.

3.) A Tutorial
Giving the Player more time to figure out the controls, and learn all the little tips, tidbits, and tricks will go a long way in raising a game's quality. A wall of text before you start the adventure, doesn't really do much. You know how in movies there's the rule of "show don't tell"? It's similar in games too. "Play don't tell" is something one should always remember whether they're playing or programming. You can tell the Player all you want about how the game works, but if they're not given the opportunity to practice and work things out for themselves, you're not doing them any favors.

4.) Challenge Progression
One niggling little detail that always bothered me was the fact that Alien Hominid doesn't exactly have a natural difficulty curve. The game doesn't gradually grow harder as you make it farther into the city and mow down more FBI Agents. It just sort of remains at a consistently tough-as-nails state, where swarms of enemies constantly gang up on you and Robots, Helicopters, and Trucks are always waiting. If there was a way for the game to grow more challenging as you continued, by introducing more FBI Agents as you progressed and making their AI smarter, would have made the experience a whole lot smoother.

5.) Such Short Length...
Alien Hominid just sort of stops after you defeat Mr. Big. (Yes that's the Final Boss's name, I looked it up. Also, the First Boss's name is Swingy, hence his spinning arm attack.) There's no real conclusion or satisfactory ending once you make it to the end. All you get is a "Stage Clear" message. At least other browser games made by the Behemoth Team had some sort of "end" to them. Not even a cutscene, just a quick message explaining that you "defeated and humiliated the FBI". At least the console release continues the story and adds a whopping 15 levels in total (,not including PDA games).

6.) Extra Content?
Perhaps if there were Achievements, Minigames, Unlockables, Costumes, Cheats, ANYTHING! It would have given Players a lot more content to experience. There's nothing more awesome to a Completionist then extra content to unlock. This is much more of a "me" problem then anything else, but still something worth mentioning.

That pretty much covers everything I wanted to say. Feels good to finally get that off my chest. I've played this game for so long and I've played it so many times, that I've started to notice these details and they just kept piling up the more I played. At the end of the day though, I'm never gonna stop loving Alien Hominid and I'll always be waiting for whatever The Behemoth puts out next. It's crazy to imagine that this was the game that kicked off and entire studio responsible for amazing games like Castle Crashers, BattleBlock Theater, and Pit People.
(All of which you can check out on Xbox and Steam.)