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Chillax 5 Points

Relax to the max

Failure at life 5 Points

Drop out, become fat, and still not have time to relax.

Honors with Distinction 5 Points

Earn a stellar grade

Jock 5 Points

Make the varsity team

Touchy 5 Points

Touch the finger

Running Laps 10 Points


Jack of all Trades 25 Points

Overachieve ALL the things!

Sprinting Laps 25 Points

Must... touch... 1... more...

Author Comments

Re: Balance Issues
So the main issue some people are having are the speed of the game and difficulty getting stats. While it can be hard to tell the two apart, I tested the game on my mac, and it's certainly not working as it should be.

Suffice to say, even though I could unlock all the achievements fairly on my windows 7, knowing the code behind the game and having run through it dozens of times probably gave me an edge. Thanks for the feedback!

Here are some helpful hints to the game that I'll only include here because I feel like being a jerk to people who don't read this. You'd figure it out eventually anyways.
-Your preference before you start the game changes how fast the respective stat increases when you... uh... train it.
-Fitness makes you move faster
-A better mood makes all the other stats increase faster when you're working on them.
-LOL fingers!

Random Rambling time!
My past attempts to use actionscript have had a multitude of results:
-code I wrote failed to work
-code I wrote based on other people's code failed to work
-code I copy pasted from other code failed to work
-didn't understand what I was reading
-ran out of patience to learn

Then I learned C++ (somewhat). Then I decided spending 30+ hours developing this game would be a good idea (what homework?). Kudos to the 20+ sites google took me to to help me with my noob AS3 grievances.

This game is a blend of 3 things I do: study (I'm in mechanical engineering), track and field, and computer games. I also drink... uh... chocolate milk.

Mute button? Meh.

Leave me a review, I'll read it fo' sho'!

I might consider fixing bugs if they crop up. Maybe.


Impossible for me to get more than 2 stats high. Also tried to run as many laps as possible, but you need to work out if you want tor run faster. Too hard for me, but the idea is worth 3!

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it was good but i feel like you rushed this and it would have been a great game if you didn't.It goes by way to waste to even really have time to enjoy it,the concept is great just give the next one time and it could be the next sims or sims dating game v5.whatever game it would inspire u to lean more towards lol good job

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Really hard maybe you should add the ability to change your difficulty

This game is kinda awful. The playing style is good, but there is no story, skill, or variation.

GristlyBear responds:

Technically, if there's no variation, it's all skill.
Just sayin'.

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Credits & Info

2.85 / 5.00

May 21, 2012
8:02 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other