Micro Thief

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Ocean's Twelve 5 Points

You got all the gold, but with less skill and finesse than a beatboxing turkey

Office Space 10 Points

You were in, out, and on your way to Chotchkie's in just 200 seconds

Sexy Beast 25 Points

You got the gold in under 150 seconds, about time you retired to Spain, right?

Italian Job 50 Points

You dirty tea leaf! You half-inched all that gold in under 110 seconds!

Author Comments

Created as part of the Mini LD #34 competion over a few hours last weekend, the aim of which was to create a game confined to certain bizarre aspect ratios. In this case, 18x64. However, to get it accepted on Newgrounds I upscaled it 8x. You can play the original at http://omgames.co.uk/smal lminild.html

Collect all the gold in the shortest time possible (personal best is 133 seconds)
Up/left/right to move and jump
K to restart the level
SPACE show the map and gold remaining
Press any key to start

UPDATE: made a few changes based on the great feedback so far...
-Added medals! I think...Someone please let me know if it works
-Added WASD controls
-Tweaked the level design a little to prevent the player getting stuck in a few areas
-Hold down the spacebar to see how much gold you have left to collect
-Working on a map...Stay tuned!

-Map is now done, just hold down the space bar to see where you are and where the gold is
-Added high scores!


Meh. The game gets a little arduous... actually, that's an understatement. Sorry, but this was insanely boring. And for the record, my time was 144...

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I appreciated this game because it had real style to it. It might have been fairly short, but not short enough for me. I managed to complete this game in 394 seconds, which averages out to six minutes and twenty-four seconds. I thought there was going to be more detail in the game as it went along. Like, I thought it would be the opposite of this one game where the quality got lower as it got lower. I thought there was going to be higher resolution as it went along.

This is still a decent game. It really is fairly different than many other games. It's probably the narrowest game I've ever played. It was like a less detailed version of the Meat Boy games. I thought the sounds were pretty good, but it could have used music.

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not bad. should have had a chiptunesey soundtrack though. and maybe slightly better sound effects.

got it in about 90 seconds or something on my first try. pretty easy.

I like it. At this scale, it all comes down to who can work the physics best. This game is ideal for speed runs.

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Cute little game. It kept me entertained for the last 20 minutes. I managed 129 seconds on my 3rd try, 119 on my 4th, and 113 on my 5th. 110 seconds seems to be about the limit of what's even possible, but I'll keep trying.

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3.29 / 5.00

May 21, 2012
7:27 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other