Jack and Mack ep 1 pt 1

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This is my first animation series that I wish to one day want it to become popular across the internet, The Silly Adventures of Jack and Mack, episode 1, food. This is part 1 of 2 because of the amount of time I had remaining on my college project. When I say college, I mean like learning institute, I'm not an uni level yet so this may or may not seem an awful lot detailed. But thats where you lot come in! This animation was the reason why I wanted to get a newgrounds account, because I wanted to recieve critical comments from animators alike.

So what i'm looking for is what you liked, what you didn't like and any possible changes you would make to it.

Again, this is not like Harry Partridge level of animating or similar, but I someday hope to be that good, it's a start really :)

Thanks for viewing and please, criticize it, don't just simply say "It's good," or "It's bad," cos really, that's not entirely giving me alot of criticism.

All there is left for me to say is, enjoy! :D


Animation by me Anarchy9009


Jack was voiced be me Anarchy9009 (http://anarchy9009.devia ntart.com http://anarchy9009.newgro unds.com)
Mack was voiced by Zealthebat
(http://zealthebat.devian tart.com http://zealthebat.newgrou nds.com)


Scheming Weasel by Kevin MacLeod (http://http://incompetec h.com/)

Misc sounds were all performed by me.

Animation style belongs to me.

Please do not steal animation and export to other websites without permission.


Animation was good, the art could use improvement such as their hair and they're faces but like you said "this is not like Harry Partridge level of animating or similar, but I someday hope to be that good, it's a start really :) " which i like your attitude. overall it was alright (hey your better than most flash animators) and i give you 3.5.
Nice job and keep trying

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Anarchy9009 responds:

Thanks for viewing my animation and commenting :D it means alot! :)

My artistic style at this moment is now in a stage of doing observational and life drawings of people, i've been asked by my college tutor and even saw a FAQ about how to become a professional animator and the number one thing to do was to sketch, sketch and well, sketch! I aim to get better.
I have been doing animation for a year now, that's why I said that it's not Harry Patridge but indeed, it would be amazing to get to that level someday, so good luck to you too :D
Thanks for the kind comments :P i didn't wanna puff my chest out at people on here, not really a good thing to do, I'd honestly say my level at the moment is average. I'm alright at animating, but there is a whole chunk for me to explore and use, like framing and using phonemes professionally and also head turns, smoother tweens etc.
Again, thanks for commenting :D it really means alot :)

It was alright. The art could use some improvement but the animation wasn't too shabby. The characters hairstyles were a little iffy but maybe that's more common where you come from. I kept waiting for one of them to rape the other but since that didn't happen I'll just have to keep watching and see where the plot goes from here. Who doesn't like PB and J though?

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Anarchy9009 responds:

Thanks for viewing and commenting it :) appreciated :D

I agree with you about the hairstyles, looking at it now they seemed a bit OTT but I can easily work around that :) and to get better at the art, I'm currently working on doing life drawings, which i've been recommended to do by not only my tutor but an animation on deviantart too.

oh my! one rapes the other!? D: never thought and want to go to that extreame on this :P sorry if that's what you were expecting XD but Im hoping part two will be a bigger success and based on what you and others have said about it, I'll take the comments in and improve for part two later on :)

again, thank you for watching and commenting :D I now know that this website is very useful, more useful than youtube or deviantart :)

Not bad at all. Nice job on this.

Jack and Mack Animation Cool!

Voiceacting - good (although you should work a bit on adding more expression to the dialogue. As of now it sounds like someone is reading it from a teleprompter)

Graphics/animation - could do better (as they say "the devil lies in the details". If it's nice for the eye it's also better recieved)

As for the jokes, gags and humour... i simply failed to notice them. Try working more on character interaction and constructing an original dialogue between them.

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Anarchy9009 responds:

Thanks ever so much for reviewing my animation :) your comments are appreciated :D

voice acting: we did read from line to line which makes it feel less effective but when I do part 2, I'll rehearse it with my friend to make sure that we get the voice acting feel more natural next time round, so thanks for pointing that out :)

Graphics/animation: it's a first to hear that quote, but it's interesting :) when I get underway making more animations yet to come, I'll review my drawing skills on it and work better to make it seem more smoother, plus work more on the animating too, so smoother framed animation, like the arm raise.

The Jokes and humour: it's a start, but hopefully later on I'll try and put in some more thicker humour in to give it that umph. Part 2 might have more humour in. The kind of humour I'm thinking of going for is exaggeration on simple things.

Again, thanks ever so much for the review :D it really means alot :)

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May 21, 2012
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