Monsters' Den Chronicles

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Advisor 5 Points

Gain a level with any character

Hoarder 5 Points

Unlock all inventory bags

Investor 5 Points

Invest in a store category

Victor 5 Points

Win a battle

Cartographer 10 Points

Completely explore one floor of a dungeon

Exterminator 10 Points

Kill all enemies on one floor of a dungeon

Spendthrift 10 Points

Amass 20,000 gold at once

Hardcore Campaigner 25 Points

Complete a campaign with the Hardcore penalty

Veteran Campaigner 25 Points

Complete a campaign on Veteran difficulty

Complete Act I 50 Points

Complete Act I

Complete Act II 50 Points

Complete Act II

Complete Act III 50 Points

Complete Act III

Complete Act V 50 Points

Complete Act V

Extreme Campaigner 50 Points

Complete a campaign on Extreme difficulty

Guerilla 50 Points

Play Act IV and pass wave 30 (above Beginner difficulty)

World Renowned 100 Points

Complete all in-game achievements

Author Comments

The next evolution of the dungeon-crawling RPG series. Customize and shape your group of heroes through an all-new series of adventures. Battle terrifying monsters and collect powerful loot.


I've really liked this series; it's always been a fairly solid RPG, with good loot and simple combat. And now, this newest instalment adds a few new things. And do I like them? Definitely.

The full character avatar is a really cool addition; I didn't know that I wanted it, but now I can't imagine it not being there. Characters look cool, as a result combat actually feels a bit more 'weighty'.
I guess the next step for this would be to actually have the characters move, attack and use their special abilities, but I think this would run the fast paced nature of combat.
I love the new art style too, it just has this charm about it. It's not the best thing I have ever seen, but I think it's perfect for a flash game: it looks nice, while still maintain my fps at a steady rate.

So, with all of these things, what's not to like about this game? Only one thing, and it really suprised me...you can't pick female characters! I mean, this blew my mind, as subtle as it is. I don't understand why you took gender out. I really wanted to make this awesome diverse party of crazy looking people, and ironically I feel the game lacks options to customise characters, even though you added so much more.

Final thoughts: A solid RPG, good combat, excellent characters; disappointed that all the characters were male, and I'm looking forward to the next instalment.

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great game... i like how this was taken to another level. now one can customize the characters (to a small extent)! the playing is also smooth. and the storyline is, meh, not that original... there is no twist.

but the most shocking thing is... the characters are all men!! i wanted a mixed party with also WOMEN! its more of a PARTY that way

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:) more like this game plizzzzzzzzzz :D

muy bueno el juego esta una masa !!

Nice turn based dungeon crawler, nice graphics, nice layout.
The only thing that bothered me was the skills, some of them are nice to good, others just seem misplaced. I would like to see more skills to choose from, to be able to specialize my characters.
Now i have a cleric that is not that good at fighting, bu he cant really heal that well also, a few more powerful healing spells (or spells that can be leveled) and a powerful turn undead spell would make him more badass.
Same goes for the mages, fighters and archers, when you first get a skill you end up using it alot because it kills things rather quickly, but when you get a few levels further, it does not make that great a difference if you use your standard attack, or the mana heavy ones

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Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

May 21, 2012
1:18 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG