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Save the Web

rated 3.04 / 5 stars
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Credits & Info

May 20, 2012 | 3:26 PM EDT

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Author Comments

My first big project in the form of an animatic. There's a message, so do with that what you will.

All music was done my Anamanaguchi

Songs Used:
-My Skateboard Will Go On
-Giant Contraband Robot
-Leave The Past Behind
-Subboss Theme
-Helix Nebula



Rated 4 / 5 stars

this is ok. its kinda slow though.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good. Although I don't believe online piracy will bring about the destruction of the internet, it has a nice message. I liked the Scott Pilgrim music (it seemed appropriate and it fit wonderfully), the idea that websites were buildings & that pirates break into them to steal things is great (it helped to illustrate that online piracy is wrong) & I thought it was funny that the robot was named ".gov". A few things that could be improved is the conversation between the girl & the government guy + the girl & the pirate (they kinda felt like broken English). A few shots seemed to drag on for too long, for instance the night turning red when the pirates stole the music & the girl's running shots definitely took too long (they dragged on too long which kinda damaged the flow of the flash). And a simple moving animation with the music attack/pirates attack near the end would help it feel more active & alive (like just animate the rings & blocks moving, even a loop of 2 or 3 frames apiece would go a long way). Overall I thought this was good, it has PLENTY of potential, and not to sound presumptuous but if you take my criticism to heart and attempt a remake I think it will be very well received (not that it wouldn't in its current state). Keep up the good work, you obviously have talent & good ideas to back them up. I'm adding this and you to my favorites, hope to see more from you soon :)

HorsmannStudios responds:

A lot of the issues you adressed I am fully aware of, being that I had to do this by a deadline, I was somewhat limited and had to decide what was essential to spend more time on and what wasn't. I'm glad some of the better points managed to get across despite some of the more questionable parts. I probably won't do a remake, but thank you for the feedback. =)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Ok honestly, I personally didnt like that at all. The music was quite irritating and the whole thing was just not my piece of cake. However, effort, lenght and some sort of style counts too.