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Similar to Falling Sand game. Made for Ludum Dare 23 in 48 hours. Click the palette at the right to select pieces. Click at left to place pieces.


[ANN] I am following up on this game with a downloadable remake, retitled "Ampliscape."

I'll be posting announcements and community stuff around social media:

Tumblr http://ampliscape.tumblr.com
Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ampliscape
Reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/ampliscape

If you want to share things you made in Audioland with me do let me know, I'll help get the word out.

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This game is totally awesome, I can see why people find this awesome, and I find it awesome too the only problem is I have no idea what to do. I'm not that advanced yet in musical notes -im learning- and I have seriously no idea what's going on. I wish I could understand this because it seems really cool.. Shame on me :(

This thing is so powerful I don't know what to do with it. It is almost like a demonic pandora in a box kind of thing. You try to open it and it invades your screen... try to alt tab back to it... and it just chimes at you... over and over, asking you to feed it notations and walls so it can give you a design, but it won't respond to you because its endeavors are beyond human comprehension, beyond the sub conscience and straight into the ether, in a land no man or woman or sea hoss can grasp. That is, till now..

Take a walk to the wild side and you'll arrive here, at the most musical gadget thing that is hard to grasp, but lends success. It will attempt to eat your soul and might make you mad but how can you say no when the note smiles back at you like that? Sweet logos like that make you stare at them for days and you're wondering why you're looking at them, off into the wilderness of the wild sun, like HEY WHAT GIVE ME BACK MY HAMBURGER I WAS BUSY STARING AT THE WRAPPER NO I DONT WANT TO GO BACK IN SERGEANT OKAY ILL GO BACK BUT I'D BETTER GET TO GO BACK TO THE BUTTERFLY FACTORY.


I've played with this for 2 months and still do to this day.
It's sorta like some type of less advanced version of FL Studio how U can change the BPM, save files, and record using .WAV and .MID.
A definite 5* submission.
Definitely coming back to use this when I have time.
Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really cool! Love it. Definitely will come back and play around with it some more :D

My only complaint is that it seems like the buttons "stick" sometimes... I could swear I clicked the button to switch to another instrument, but it stays on the old one. Maybe that's just my computer or something, though.

loved it. it was just utterly amazing.

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4.33 / 5.00

May 18, 2012
9:12 PM EDT
Gadgets - Musical