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Strike Fleet Athena

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Take the role of an Ensign in Commander Acey's fleet and help Task Force Perseus launch a counterattack against a maurading alien fleet! Land your shuttle on various planets in the Rho Theta system to upgrade the Athena Attack Fleet before the enemy spaceships arrive!

Use the 'A' and 'D' keys to control yaw. Press SPACE to fire main engines. To land safely, spacecraft attitude should be within -9 and +9 degrees and Y-velocity (descent velocity) should be below 0.5. The closer attitude and Y-velocity are to zero, the less likely your vessel will suffer hull failure or fuel system breach. Good luck, Ensign!

20% more fuel in all missions!

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OK, its playable, but superhard. Do the player need an attitude of exactly 0? It should be like <3, >-3 or something. On the other hand you dont need to hit the platform exactly. I landed on the edge in lvl2. Again with attitude 0.
Everything else was great. I hope you ajust the game.