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Dead Pixel

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Try to find dead pixel on the monitor screen. If you think that's easy, try this game - each level harder than previous.
And make sure your monitor is clean :)

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I love this one. The colors are very stimulating and the dead pixel hunt was fascinating. I almost didn't finish with those purply levels, though. Only got one ding. I am surprised I did this well. Well done.

I actually found this game very is and fun as well


It's a difference game. Truly, score shouldn't be based off of the time you click, but the difficulty of the spotting itself. By making it about speed, you encourage mistakes in clicking, especially in later levels where, indeed, even a pixel off can be a difference between you getting it and not, and when, after a bare couple seconds, the score gained is only 10, while the score for losses is -100, it sensitivities the player TO actually find it quickly.

Plus, it takes too long for the difficulty to ramp up, and the loss of lives, and game overs, disinsentivize playing further.


I Beat The Game!