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Help Teddy find his girl in this felty platformer!

Arrows/WASD to to move

Click objects to interact with them

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This is a really adorable game! I love how quick and simple it is, and I have a huge soft spot for teddies. Well made game, no buffering, good graphics and design. And a nice story and music!

after the pelecon bird if you walk back there is no wall. He drops somewhere and you can still walk trow the level without trouble but you cant exit the level. Funny bug han? xD I did like the game. Especially the illustration :3

Aww, this was so cute! <3

The graphics are endearing, like a children's storybook, and the music is appropriately pleasant to go with it, I really like how everything looks. The further you progress through the game, the denser the forest gets, featuring ever more of that "child-friendly spookiness" so to say. As calm and peaceful as this game is, due to it being meant for kids, the graphics and music do set a pretty cool atmosphere, I must say. The story, again like a children's book, is about a little girl's teddy bear that falls off her family's car as they go on vacation to the countryside. The bear must then cross the forest in order to reunite with his beloved owner. All in good child friendly fashion, perfect for little kids, and absolutely adorable.

The gameplay is mostly straight forward platforming, except you sometimes need to interact with things by clicking on them. These things can be the most diverse objects, like fishing rods, switches, buttons that move bear statues around, levers, spider webs, but they never make for truly challenging or ingenious puzzles, but that's okay for a kid's game.

The controls are mostly okay, except for a few instances: the flying part, where it takes a long time for the owl to actually respond to the key you're holding, and the moving platforms, that don't move you together with them, meaning you need to walk in order to follow them and not fall off, which is just awful.

So yeah, I guess I could totally recommend this to my friends who have kids, it's one of the few Flash games I know that is truly for kids, it is definitely well made, and works mostly well.

i walked left off screen after i gave the fish to the duck and i couldn't walk back onto the screen. but i could hold down the right arrow and the scene progressed to the right. i'm assuming i was falling infinitely and just moving in mid air to the right. however when i reached the right edge of the scene, it wouldn't progress.

therefore bye

the graphic is nice but this game is too plain, no need to think of anything. you just went all the way.

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4.09 / 5.00

May 18, 2012
3:53 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle