Covert Front 4

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The final episode of Covert Front series leads Kara to Lisbon in search for the elusive Karl von Toten.


For an interesting series, its finale wasn't exactly the best or the most intriguing. However, it is still a good game to play.


Story: It's really like all the other games in the Covert Front Series. Not much surprises, but enough to keep us yearning for more. The plot is pretty good, though. From the start to the finish. I can easily say that each adventure is a ride I don't want to miss. Aside from that, the story is well-constructed. The story, overall, is only good, meaning it has some flaw to it.
Graphics: The art gives a flavor of darkness combined with espionage, which is what the game is supposed to be about.
The animation is good too, because I can tell how the cutscenes are really eye-candy because the animation is smooth. Oh, and I admire the details to any action done.

Gameplay: Yes, my favorite part. It's not easy, and that's good. I like point 'n' click games that don't require a pixel-hunt, and you did well. The fact nothing is very easy nor very hard to find, is really good. The puzzles make sense, with one item going here, another going there, and so on. It is, however, understandably confusing in "typewriter room"; very few can finish this puzzle without a walkthrough. Otherwise, the gameplay is pretty awesome.

Sound: Not much to criticize, but the music is pretty fitting. And the voice of Kara is also fitting, not this dark, deep voice like most female agents, but this voice is just yet mysterious, which makes her unique. Oh, the sound effects are dazzling, and apparently, there is sound effects for almost everything you do, which is alright anyway. The sounds in this game are okay, but you might want to add some more to it, if that's not a hassle.

Player Impact: As from what I've read from other players, this game is getting a lot of good reviews. Most would say the game is lovely whereas a few would point out the difficulty of the "typewriter room".
Many players, if not all, were very content with the finale, especially it somehow mysteriously connects with the Submachine series. I would say everybody's satisfied.

Overall: The game was awesome. But being a finale, didn't live up to my expectations. This is probably because the story was a little bit lame compared to most finales. But otherwise, it's very good in all aspects.

Score: 38/50
Percent: 76%
Star Score: 7.6/10 or 8/10 or 4 stars

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such a goodddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ddddd game

Good game. Not too hard. But, if I am right, there are a few stuff that looks just like in Submachine: that googles von Toten was fixing, it is the coordinates thingy in S3; outside the "typewriter room" looks like the vast space of the subnet as seen in SFLF ; also the ladder, it has somewhat like Submachine design; the magnetic field seen in S7... A little lack of new and unique art for CF4, I think, personally. And the control: quite hard for me to click on the watch tower, car, etc... on the first scene of chapter 1, and the scene when on the roof of chapter 2. And last but not least: the music. Of course background music would be nice, but the over-use of it kinda like boring, maybe disturbing.

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Here's a text walkthrough for the typewriter room :
1. Click on the typewriter and type these:
Pull the lever to the right for each word you type.
2. Click on the right and get the key.
3. Click on right until you get to the door, then use the key on the door.
4. Go out the door, then get the stick with a circle with a "t" on it.
5. Go back to the typewriter, and put the "t" circle stick on the missing hole. Then type:
karl von toten
Pull the lever on the right. And there you go, you finished the typewriter room :) Just click on the man sitting on the armchair and your ready for the next level! (Does anyone notice the armchair is like the one in Submachine 2?)

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i love a gd challenge in the morning

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May 18, 2012
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