Halo Teabagger

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This is a really short Halo parody, nothing special, but nonetheless enjoy! This is from my old youtube account and is now on my new one that you can subscribe to at www.youtube.com/user/axww animation . I made this in a day originally but with a lot of symbols/layers. It looked pretty nice and I slapped on a preloader so here ya go!


the animation looked like drawings being moved from one place to another and the voice acting wasnt good and it was short with no point to it

axwwNG responds:

It was made of layers and basically maneuvered like an After Effects animation.

While I enjoy the concept and the art was decent for this animation, I thought it was too short for my standards, the meaning wasn't explained as good as it could have been, the voice for the Master Chief could have been better, and the animation was just not there (I saw little to no movement). In short, I do like your art and idea, however, the sound quality, animation (movement again), and length aren't very good for this type of site. I don't think animation is your strong point, but I remember a time when I was bad at this, so I'll give you one star for good art and concept and one half star since this is your first time. Keep it up and these "storyboards" might turn out to be decent animations.

axwwNG responds:

At least you EXPLAINED your reasoning. Thank you for THAT.

OMG YOR DA BEST!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!1!?!~?
(i like turtles )

short, funny, and i wish that was a function in halo multiplayer - good job.

axwwNG responds:

Thank you kind sir!

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1.89 / 5.00

May 17, 2012
9:28 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody