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* cheers for the frontpage! i forgot how satisfying it feels :)

Based on an actual conversation with my job network. The moral of the story is that you can teach yourself anything if you're passionate about it, you don't NEED a college degree to be succesful in life. You should do what you love right now, regardless of what situation you're in. We live in a society that is too focused on money rather than doing the things they enjoy the most. Hopefully people can relate to this in some way.


God damn it, this is my life right now, straight down to the uniform at the end.

Blordow responds:

haha, this has probably been one of my most relative toons yet!

Would be nice if the moral of the story was true. Unfortunately we can't all bum of someone else while we do what we love for free. I'm great at math. I'm great at teaching math. I want to be a math teacher. I even got as far as a bachelor's degree in math and a thesis away from a master's degree in math. However, I'm not certified to teach and can't get any help on a thesis. I could tutor and help teach others for free.. but I have to put food on the table. So 40 hours of my week go to human slavery that barely pays for my ability to continue my human slavery next week.. I'd like to stop conforming, jump into the air and fly away.. but gravity is a b*tc4 of a conformer.

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Blordow responds:

Why not? What's wrong with bumming off someone else or downgrading to more affordable accomodation until you get where you need to be? Are you ashamed of the reputation you'd get? No one knows or pays attention that you work 40 hours a week anyway, so ask yourself "When am I going to stop doing this, and start acting on what I really want?" Because until that day you're going to be stuck doing the same job with the same mind set. Sacrifice one thing, to achieve another.

This was pretty great. You make a great point with how you should try to do what you love right off the bat. I'm too young to understand how making the choice that would put me in a job I love rather than a job I only want because of the money involved, but you sure give a great perspective in this cartoon. One thing that I would like to mention is the sound quality is B-E-A-UTIFUL. The art wasn't top notch but it was above average, but it was matched with effects that were very smooth and fun to look at. Overall, great flash!

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Blordow responds:

Hehe, thanks. I take pride in good sound quality!

This sounds exactly like my brother, almost verbatim. He'll never get a real job because he'll only work if someone allows him to do his art his way. I asked him why then he shouldn't expect someone to pay him to paint the interior of his own bedroom, too, but he just rolled his eyes in a dismissal of arrogant entitlement.

i know right? and the educative system is not even the problem, everything sucking ballz is

see you at the mines

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