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May 17, 2012 | 8:50 AM EDT

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* cheers for the frontpage! i forgot how satisfying it feels :)

Based on an actual conversation with my job network. The moral of the story is that you can teach yourself anything if you're passionate about it, you don't NEED a college degree to be succesful in life. You should do what you love right now, regardless of what situation you're in. We live in a society that is too focused on money rather than doing the things they enjoy the most. Hopefully people can relate to this in some way.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

This video is more relevant to me in my life right now that I'd wish. My passion in life is to be a musician, unless your related to someone in the industry then most likely you wonâEUTMt make it in. I ended up working a very strenuous job for many years so I could still do my passion afterwards. Until my job got so bad I had to have back surgery and couldn't do that job anymore.

Your right we are forced to conform. Ever since the 80s when it was more common for both married partners to have a job at the same time, prices went up and making ends meet is harder than it ever was.

Blordow responds:

Musicians who make a living today aren't even musicians, they're either living off doing cover songs in shitty pubs or if you make it mainstream, you get songs written for you already by the industry. There is no creative freedom in the industry, unless you're super talented, but even then, they milk you down to society's level. People need to stop relying on other people so much, make a name for yourself. Start uploading your music to the world, make a youtube account, show your friends, if your music is good then people will share it. Don't give up, imagine how it would feel if you accomplished your goal considering how difficult people might think it is to achieve.


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I totally agree with your message, its a great animation, and all around perfect. Peoples lives should be spent learning new stuff, does anyone want to waste their 80 years of life doing pointless shit that doesn't better themselves in any way?
Nice Animation.

Blordow responds:

Exactly and thanks!


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Damn this video is so right.


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your art is good and everything, but there is ways arround conforming like you say. Everyone needs money, it's really a question on how much you can live on that<s the question. I work three days a week and am working on my art. Sure I don't have a super computer with 700$ to put down for Flash, but I am working on stories and such, so that when I have it, I can blast through that process with a better story than if I had it now.

Besides, no one can make you fully conform. I am known to be the one to draw at work. My bosses hate it but unless I screw up, they can't say anything.

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Blordow responds:

Cheers. As long as you're happy with where you're at. There are many unhappy people within the world who arn't happy with where they are, but nothing will change for them until they change.


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i get what your sayin, it realy is a cold trap. but i dont know how else to go and i gots no one to help. down the drain i go, i guess...

Blordow responds:

What do you need help with? A the end of the day you need to get off your butt and show people what you're worth. Start small and eventually you will become more ambitious. If you go down the drain, you gotta come out at the end right? Hopefully it won't take that for you to realize what you want.