No Another Pokemon Parody

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This is my biggest project, took me 2 1/2 months. I had alot of fun animating this animation. I wanna thank Brock Baker for being super and voicing Gary Oak.

I hope yall enjoy this cartoon as much as I do.

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Song during credits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUCdC9FupDs&feature=related

(5/21/2012, 1:28 pm) Movie fixed, should have no troubles playing now :D


Well that was actually pretty impressive.

The biggest thing this had going for it was the animation, most of the time it was pretty nice. However, there was just something about it that was off-putting... literally every few seconds the quality of it just kept flipping back-and-forth from great to just gloppy and strange. Very inconsistent. But it's not TOO too much to complain about, considering most animation around here that I see is just tweeny and bad. Looking at something more like this is pretty refreshing. Colors were okay as well.

As for actual content it really didn't do too much for me. It was just another Pokemon thing. Battle scene kinda failed to impress me since it was really just one attack that made the screen flash, which is extremely common in most battle scenes these days. Voicing was okay in some areas but sorta sub-par in others, it really wasn't anything special.

But it was a good effort and it does look like it took a long time so I'll give you a 4. Just work on consistency in the animation is all.

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AngelXMIkey responds:

Yeah most of this was frmae by frame animation. Thanks for your Cnc it was really good and I will take what you said and apply it to my next animation ;D

Haha, I laughed quite a bit at this one.

The animation is pretty solid, although a bit rough at times with the linework.
The voice acting was also pretty good, but at times wasn't the smoothest. Brock Baker really made up for that though.
The content itself was actually pretty original for the constant spewing of Pokemon parodies across the internet.

Overall, well done. 4 stars for you.

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LOLOL. Best. Pokemon. Parody. I've. Seen. Just gonna say that pokemon aint supposed to die in battle e.e

Roflcopter. Really.
I mean, the chidori sucked, 'cause, you know, I hate Naruto, but the dubstep ending theme made my day. :D

made me laugh a lot, awesome god rage xD!

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May 16, 2012
11:54 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody

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