Bouncing Sheep

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This Sheep Just Won't Stop Jumping...


5 stars for the tiger

Dennis55789 responds:

lol Thanks. ... Im Creative

better than the bouncing ball, but add sound and maybe music to help it along. pretty good start though.

Dennis55789 responds:

lol, yea, the bouncing ball is pretty much not worth watching. Thanks, ill consider adding sound, music, etc.

even a little audio would've been nice...

Dennis55789 responds:

ill consider adding in audio

This needs so much more to be worth watching. Music would have helped a lot, and sound effects would have contributed something too. Also a stop at the end and a replay button would have been nice; or, failing that, a lot more jumping and a smooth loop back to the beginning.

Craftsmanship. Take some pride and step it up, man.

Dennis55789 responds:

Thanks, Ill Consider Doing That... :)

I gave this movie a 2/5 because of the simple fact that it's not stupid enough to be blammed nor pretty enough to hold a title of a flash clip - the only advantage is the good quality of drawing on that 2-3 characters.
In fact, I usually give flash trials and test like the finger - simply due to the definition of NG: To be a flash hub for newbs and pros at flash, without being full with crappy segment of someone's trial for a walking cycle...
For conclution - Dennis: You have a long way to go, then test your flashes on others platforms such as sending to friends on facebook, forums etc. but NOT in NG.
I let your flash go under the radar only because of your potential showing in the actual drawing and not because of that shit of animation.
Hope you learned something and hope you get better (sorry for the long reply though)

Dennis55789 responds:

Ok, Thanks, ill Consider Your (Long) Reply.

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2.37 / 5.00

May 16, 2012
8:05 PM EDT
Comedy - Original