Mind Over Monster

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A flesh-rotting zombie leads a support group for down and out monsters.

It's one part drawn animation, another part stop motion, and a little bit of live action.

Thanks to everyone who watched! I've read all of your reviews and I luv every one of you. And thank you Tom for giving me the front page! YOUTUBE CAN SUCK A BIG FAT ONE!


Really good stuff man! This is definitely front page material. Interesting story and an unique style. Keep it up!

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That actually kind of interesting xD I enjoyed the different animations and live action. I think I was the most impressed by the Stop motion. Great job on this! Though I did notice one thing... the monster hunter reminds me of the black spy from Spy vs Spy o.o

The song played in the end in the credits by Man Duck was a jazz version of Ð'ÐµÐ»Ð°Ñ ÐÑEUмиÑ, ÑtеÑEUнÑ<й Ð'аÑEUон ("Belaya Armiya, Ciornij Baron"), one of the oldest Red Army choirs. I have no idea why. Correct me if I'm wrong.
The blend of styles was very bold and well done.
Claymotion, Jazz and that kind of free hand animation make everything a little disturbing and depressing. But I guess that was the desired effect.

Detectonomicon responds:

Wow, that's awesome, I never noticed that. I think my composer was going for "Autumn Leaves", but I think you're right, the songs have that one really similar hook.

Cool! The best thing is that the switch between the different styles is fluently instead of an obstacle, if you know what i mean :)

I would love to see some more.

That was sick. Not only was this written well with good scirpt, you diecided to go multimedia. The 2D animation could have been better, but the overall style and dialogue quickly overcame that and I found my self enjoying it anyway. As well, the monster hunter bit was a little unnecessary. I would have rather seen one or two more stories from the other monsters, but obviously the amount of work you would have to put in would probably be more then you want to. Also if you took out the Monster Hunter then the foreshadowing you did with Man Duck would have been worthless.

Overall I hope to see more movies like this on Newgrounds.

Detectonomicon responds:

Thanks so much! I had originally written in an additional stop motion scene about "Succorbenoth", the gargoyle looking monster. His story was going to be classic horror, a car chase where he swoops out of the sky and gores his victim out of a car. Unfortunately, that made the film a bit too long, and due to other things, time/material constraints etc. I had to make some sacrifices. I wanted to centralize the film around the monsters that were more flawed and emasculated.

Thanks for your review!

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4.42 / 5.00

May 16, 2012
5:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Original