Zombie Punch

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Your High school has been taken over, its up to you to survive. Using only your fists you fight endless waves of zombie intruders.

Spacebar = punching
Arrow keys = move
Down = slide
Spacebar while sliding to uppercut


so simplistic, so fun grate game bro!

It seemed like it might be building up to something eventually approaching a mild challenge, but then it stopped at wave 20. (-.-)

this was a fun game, but it just got old after the first 2 minutes. but I still give it a 4/5

Lol, cute game. This coming from a necrophobe.

I shall use my ninja powers of being able to fly through, and my powers of awesomeness of being able to utilize that flying power to literally fly next to you punching you till you fall down.

Personally that's probably a bug, but I exploited the hell out of it for the fun of it. It was fun being able to simply float in one spot so long as I kept punching one of the zombies. Good for backing up the greenish zombies that like to haul ass right up to the girl to wail on her. Every now and again I'd manage to push one past her so it would have to turn back around to attack her again.

All in all, good game. Not having a health bar yourself though makes it a little too easy to just go hog wild. Which personally makes it fun for me as a stress reliever.

Score: 5/5
Stars: 10/10

Nice game but I would be good if you had a health bar yourself.

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3.12 / 5.00

May 16, 2012
1:18 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler