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A Square Life

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Author Comments

Barry is a square, a rather middle aged square whose had enough of his boring life.
Barry is out for adventure! Will you help him?

If the game appears to be just a green screen after the "Play button" ... Just wait a little! (Y)

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found a bug right click and press "play" to go to the next seane

The music was nice, and the levels were fun to play through. Some of them were really challenging, like the one with the cliffs. The game was really short, I would have liked to see more levels. Also, I didn't really follow the storyline. It's a good effort, but needs a little more.

oObangzOo responds:

Thanks, yeah this little number was just to get me back into the zone. Don't worry, there will be more higher quality games coming. :)

Potato? Dafuq? Sir, please do not make any more games in the series. And I mean ever. Because it's just horrible. Yeah, the gameplay is alright. But the story(or whatever you call it) made zero sense. I mean you have a block going through a midlife crisis, only to end with potato?

I'm sorry, but that's horrible. It's like something you'd get from a middle school kid. The potato jokes are just old, stupid and only are tolerable when used in the right context. But this is just stupid. You must think your some sort of hipster, because you used a potato as a punchline in your flash game?

oObangzOo responds:

Umm... Its just a bit of light humor dude... Relax. Did this flash game find some way to personally insult you? If so I apologise.
You have insulted me, my game and my integrity without providing any means to help me better myself in the slightest as a developer, the sole purpose of that comment was to ridicule and insult me and that's just completely uncalled for.
Please don't comment or play my games again if this is how you try to help a new developer.


Good game and great idea but i seem to have gotten stuck on the long jump with wooden platform and Barry seemed to turn invisible a few times. Needs Work.

oObangzOo responds:

You can do it, it just takes a big jump and some close to edge running.