Planet Defender

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Defend the planet from the meteorites.
Use the modern weapon to save it.
Upgrade your weapon to succeed.


I like the concept of this game, and it's fairly fun, but the controls are simply too twitchy. The main challenge of the game quickly becomes keeping your weapon from spiraling out of control.
I like the idea behind the controls, though. It looks like you're using a gravitation or a spring function between the weapon and the mouse. You might consider adding a simple damping term; it can go a long way in making things more controllable. Even a simple 'velocity = velocity * 0.9' should be enough to fix the problem. It would make the weapon settle down when left alone for a second or two, making those 'spazz spirals' a lot easier to recover from.
Bottom line: keep at it! This is a pretty neat idea for a game mechanic. It definitely makes a simple defender game more interesting; it just needs a little tweaking to be more playable.

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Hmmm, an odd case of working for better or worse. (sorry had to use that line, I've been meaning to for a while)

I can see that the control of the so called modern weapon is indeed quite finnicky. Though I gotta say I thought it rather humorous getting the weapon going at a full orbit far off the screen killing meteors before they even come on screen, though that worked only for one or two meteors.

I noticed that the size thing gave the planet a smaller hit box, but other than that I don't think the upgrades work like most people probably expect.

Another thing that kinda made it difficult, mitigated by defeat being merely a slap on the wrist, is that it would seem you earn money by factors of 10 based on the level you're on. This can be kinda annoying, and make it a little less worth the time to play. However I am not insinuating that increasing the values of meteors, the money they give, and the items in the upgrade menu will be much more effective.

Overall... it's alright, though honestly not something I'd burn 2 hours playing, maybe 30 minutes.

Score: 4
Stars: 7

I'm sure the control of the weapon wasn't intended to be so twitchy - even keeping the mouse still made the weapon jitter about over 1/4 of the screen which make it *really* difficult to control.
(may be due to machine speed in calculating position??)

The 'upgrades' seemed to do the opposite, upgrade size make the weapon smaller. Upgrade atmosphere and the meteors hit the air sooner and speed up. Very odd.

Strangely, this made it quite a challenge - so I persisted enough to get the high score.

Tidily made, music a bit repetitive, could do with clearer indication wether you got the meteor before it hit.

Not for everyone, but I enjoyed it.


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I adore this music, and the gameplay is really interesting. it could use a little more explanation as to what the hell you're doing, though. And I wish I was better at it.

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This game has numerous problems. 1st, the music is way too repetitive. I understand that some games can't have a deep soundtrack but one song that is about 12 seconds long that is endlessly repeating does not make for a good experience.

Secondly, the controls are simply terrible. I had no real way to control the buzz saw as any little mouse movement caused it to go flying in a seemingly random direction. I managed to get the blade to revolve around the planet but this proved an inefficient method of defending the planet though it did work for a few levels. The problem is if all I have to do is get it orbiting and then walk away from the computer, there is a problem. The first time I tried to control the blade it went flying off screen and I didn't see it for half the level. Eventually it came back.

Lastly, the fantic meteor pace was pretty bad, but this was more of a problem because of the awful controls.

So, 0 rating. Would not recommend this game to anyone.

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May 16, 2012
5:36 AM EDT
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