A Very Special Troll

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BTW HE TOLD ME i SHOULD DO THE WORLD A FAVOR AND KILL MYSELF ON MY wtf POST ABOUT PROFILE IMAGES BACK IN FEB 5TH so if you wanna bitch about this animation go somewhere else lol


movie wont load for me some reason after I published it.. and considering it was voted to 2 stars BEFORE the complete run time of the animation I'm assuming it's cause you could get it to load on newgrounds.. idk wtf is going on.... god dammit


I put in about 5 hours of work for this pretty much sick and tierd of this douche bag trolling me his name is used for a brief second in animation "you know who you are" and I also pretty much made this animation to try out my new drawing pad got really lazy on the end with the troll drawing but, couldn't think of a good way to draw him lol well, hope you guys enjoy me sweeett revenge :)

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Damn all your animations are horrible.
hobby change.

i feel the same

You have a donation button at the end of an animation you made because you cant deal with some random internet guy bashing your work, that is not so great in the first place? Really? No wonder this guy trolls you.

You cant even figure out how to change your profile picture? Look man, I am not trying to be harsh but honestly if you cant deal with people bashing your work on the internet, a place where assholes are widely known to flourish, maybe you need to find a new hobby.

Not to mention in making your "sweeett revenge" animation all you did is make yourself look more childish and pathetic and feeding your troll friend more, plus saying "if you wanna bitch about this animation go somewhere else lol" is like chumming the waters of the troll ocean.

Grow up and wise up. Good luck with both....

Because this is totally the mature way to respond to negative critique.

keolamation responds:

dude he told me to go kill myself a few days after my birthday on my wtf post about my profile piture not changing.. so no he wasn't giving me a critique he's just been a douche for the past year.. and NOT JUST TO ME