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Calumn & Castello

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May 15, 2012 | 5:48 PM EDT

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Not all bedtime monsters are your worst nightmare!

A first submission anywhere is always nerve-racking haha...

Anyway this is an animation I created as a final piece for college! It took around 5 weeks, I had to make a multimedia outcome so I decided to do a trailer/opening sort of thing haha. this is my second stab at doing some 2d animation so this was one hell of a challenge, it was also my first time working with toonboom so I learnt loads from this project.

I have to apologise for the quality dulling at the end, but with a 20mb limit and exporting from toonboom as an flv, some of the sharp quality was lost ):

I'm starting Uni this september to learn character animation so if you have any constructive crit about the animation or how I can improve in general- fire away!

For anyone who would like to see the hd version in muuuuch much better quality, it's up on my youtube :) tch?v=IFnqsQQE4g8
If the youtube link doesnt work I apologise! It looks like newgrounds is automatically breaking it



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well I have to admit that my review is a lot like Staroge's as far as the visual aspect of the feedback.
But even with that to say the story was original and fun. And I do disagree with Staroge's idea for the music. My volume is always set to only about 75% so I didn't have the "yelling in my ear" part, but I though that music was a good fit because it kept everything upbeat. The music helps set the mood for the story so you could have put something in the Metal genre and probably made it feel like a dark action flick despite the almost-cute animation style (see all the action flicks made during Pico-Day as perfect examples). So I though the music kept things pleasant and more on the bright side.
Now of course this falls into each persons taste for music, so I'll not give anyone too much guff for music ideas. But even with a disagreement for music choices I think many agree that this was awesome. Cheers Mate.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I must say your art style is very good. I like the colors, the character designs, and the lighting. Background art was pretty cool too!

As for the animation, I thought it was good for the most part, but the timing of the movements are off. The key poses of the characters worked, but you have to space the poses out so the timing is more real. For example, when he got out from under the bed and did the little sway (side view, looking left), it was too quick. Space the key poses out more on the timeline so that you have more in-betweens to lengthen the motions.

The In-betweens in this were just okay, i thought as they depended on good key frames. A few of them are a bit sloppy, but with cleaner line work and more thought put into the spacing and timing of the key pose frames, it should be a lot better.

As for the music, please dear lord, take it out and put something else in. Don't use synth pop music with lyrics for your animation. I want the story to be told through the video, not Owl City yelling in my ear. The track is too upbeat throughout the whole thing and it just made me want to groove to the music, not be told a story. It doesn't fit when you know you have to fade the music out part-way through the song suddenly when the credits come. Unless it's a music video, like for the whole song, and the pacing of the animation matches the pacing of the music, it just doesn't work, sorry.

Like I said, love the style, just work on the timing of the key poses and really think about how long each movement would take, and adjust those key poses accordingly before adding in-betweens.

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fantasticmissfox responds:

Really Helpful feedback here, thanks a lot for this! Timing is definitely something I have to work on and something I admittedly struggled with creating this, I'll keep practicing and studying, my summer goal is to study and animate sequences of movement to improve on this :)
As for the music, I completely understand and agree with what you're saying by the animation telling the story instead, with my next animation I'll keep a better eye on tracks and search around a bit more for more suitable material. Thanks once again for the very helpful feedback! :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awwww.... Poor Monsters D:

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Heh wow Dom, you're doing daamn good. Way better than anything I made for college anyway :p very nice animation, saw it before mind you :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

For a first it was great but you diddn't give the owner of the song credit in any way :/

fantasticmissfox responds:

Thanks! You can find credit to the artist at the end :) Sorry it isn't as clear as I'd hoped haha