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Zelda Uncut: Childhood

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After finally saving Zelda, all Link wants to do is spend some "quality time" together, but Zelda has other plans...

Special Thanks to Dexter Manning for writting this skit and providing the hilarious voices! ^_^

Note from AGG:
This cartoon is the first episode of the Zelda Uncut series! I hope you guys like it! I have plenty more episodes lined up so I hope you'll check them out!

You can see more episodes of Zelda Uncut and AGG Toons on my Youtube channel which is linked in the video :)

I'm hoping to eventually get all of the episodes uploaded here as well, but I usually update my Youtube first.

I have a lot more planned and on the way so please stay tuned! :D



OMG that was awesome Dex Manning as the Voice of Link i cant see anyone else doing it as funny as he does this was a funny flash Link goes from being a hero to a zero only to go out the way of the samurai man that sucks but still enjoyable

I thought it was a pretty fun video. Would Link have to experience the whole Ganon taking over Hyrule thing again only this time as a bystander if he travelled back in time? Would the Kokiri go to school if they never grow up? Just wondering but good work.

Hahahaha! I remember that Link voice! That's the guy who did his voice in the Skyward Sword Quickie. He does a good Link.

Well yeah, this was hilarious and such. It made me realize that I would've LOVED to get to skip those awkward teen years. Would've saved me a bunch of emotional trauma.

at the end all I could say was... "right? so would I."

End credits, patapon war music playing, sudden crave to battle with beats.

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May 15, 2012
3:37 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody