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May 15, 2012 –
April 19, 2019
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

- Reload the webpage
- Try updating flash to the latest version
- Wait for it to load! its 8.7 Megabytes, just keep it in tab and check back in 1 or 2 minutes (5-10 if your internet is really bad)

After 10 days of work, I have finally completed this.
10 Medals = 80 points, find them all!.
Thanks to the Beta Testers for helping me work out the bugs and some medal and program ideas.

Welcome to Newgrounds OSX, the operating system that is a MUST HAVE. (Said by Tom Fulp himself*)
*Tom Fulp may or may not have said this.
Anyway, have fun playing the game, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this :D.


More info:
This was basically what I wanted the original game to be like, graphics wise, this is when I was a little more experienced with flash and kinda knew what I was doing.
There will be a sequel soon.



Really cool medals, and the matrix movie is my favorite.
I love how the norton goes to NaN%
The (OH MY GOD WHY DID YOU DO THIS) punch the computer medal is like... Oh my god.
I punched my computer.

oops i clicked the wrong way and it crashed

I always enjoy playing these Flash OSes, this one so far is my favorite. It doesn't have errors in every corner, the movies in this are amazing, the artwork is epic, and so are the sound effects.


<deleted> responds:

thank you xo

how do you open the destroy your computer? please help

It just gets better and better! :D Played this one a while ago, but I missed a few medals apparantely, so: replay, and thus: review. Feels a bit less feature-filled and Windowy (looks modern though) than the former, but the stuff that does exist works remarkably free of errors. No longer beta huh. Cool effects with the flashes, Matrix-immersed desktop, tank-driving stuff. All in all: good stuff.


<deleted> responds:

I hope you enjoy the sequal Cyberdevil, coming soon! PM for details, thanks for the constructive review

not enough options but i do enjoy all these computer games

<deleted> responds:

I'm glad you do

I can't destroy the computer

New OSX :D


<deleted> responds:

it follows youre mouse?

How all awards?

<deleted> responds:


super sumber party my best is you me: thanks

<deleted> responds:


Someone make a Linux (Ubuntu) Newgrounds distro!

<deleted> responds:

A theme would be nice

i love the game not bad not stupid

not work play ^-^

easy medals.

<deleted> responds:

I guess if you need points to fill that hole in your soul so be it.

I'd buy this Computer in a Heartbeat if its Real.

The game was really good, but the only problem was: I destroyed my computer but didn't get the medal, what's up with that? Either way, it's great.

a lag is in this every time you get on movie files and slect the first one it will be still on there and fun game

<deleted> responds:

Its not a bug, its intentional.

riddler: Riddle me this, Riddle me that. What is windows 9?
Edber3456y9: I don't know.
riddler: New version of windows
Edber3456y9: Don't shoot!
riddler: Ok, but anwser this question, are you like to being shooted?
riddler: WTF!? punk!
Batman: Get away
Edber3456y9: thanks
batman: you're welcome
Joker: Bang
Oh no!
Edber3456y9: Died
batman: kill you joker!!!

fun game!!


This game is cool but i came here to get medal :D

<deleted> responds:

Nobody cares

its Awesome and pls fan me and eep up the good work and ... :)

This game is pretty sweet! It is small, but hey, it gets the job done! Interesting concept! Love to see what else they can do with this! -RedGlassGaming

Ha ha, pretty awful. But I got all the achievements anyway.

It was actually kinda cool that the Matrix swf played over everything else when I exited it. But it definitely wasn't an accurate representation of Matrix code. There were just 0's and 1's. Matrix code is supposed to have all digits plus some Japanese characters. And it's not supposed to move like that.

Cool enough, but yet not that impressed.


lol anyway good game.

HOLY SHIT! IT SHOWS MY EXACT TIME ZONE AND TIME ON MY CLOCK!!!!!!!Other than that,Greatly executed game.


Hey man, where did you learn to program Actionscript? I wish I was this good! I can't find any reliable resources for it :(

<deleted> responds:

The internet is a good resource.

hey karlkri you want to have this as your true virtual computer?
yes or no?

matrix makes the game lagg

<deleted> responds:

It does? weird.

Super Slumber Party!! xD =]]]

Doesn't work ! White screen !

<deleted> responds:

You have to wait for it to load!

last medal?8th medal?

Truly nothing. Boring as hell.

his game are sow not cool

<deleted> responds:


it s not working with me :$ why????

<deleted> responds:

Send me a PM with the specs of your computer

There's not much you can do....

I love this game! Just one question? Why are they all secret achievments?

awesome game!
but fix the matrix glitch

<deleted> responds:

Its not a glitch

i will help om next one k?

<deleted> responds:

Maybe :3

Nice computer Yo! Anyway nice game bro I loved the effort you put into this, it was really nice. One con is that my computer kept like freezing and I had to reload, another is the when I put the .swf it stayed there even if I was in my normal desktop.


Im not gonna lie, Im now addicted to the Super slumber Party song.

why ain't there a walkthrough

<deleted> responds:

Read the author comments, please.

the hit the computer sound reminds me of chex quest for some reason :|

<deleted> responds:

Yo, make a decent review.

Make more stuff like a browser or something.

<deleted> responds:

I wish I did, I wish I did.


Your game is so f%*ing awesome

Lol, very funny XD

you have a bug

<deleted> responds:

Do I?

Whether or not the matrix is a bug. Its dum and you should get rid of it. Everything else was really a waste of my time. I give you 1 1/2 stars just because you had medals and that pushes it a little far.

everybody think the matrix number are bugged? gay. - half a star for troll reasons.

Okay, here are the 2 thing you need to fix:

1. The Matrix numbers
2. The game needs to me longer, not just 5 programs.

The only reason I am giving you 1.5 stars is because of the correct time.

<deleted> responds:

Number 1 is not a bug, okay, alright.

rocks right..there a bug...

1 bug when u click matrik the numers stay

<deleted> responds:

Not a bug

Easy Medals ^.^

It was okay, I just wish there was more to do. I remember another OS that was more detailed, but hey, this one gives me medals.

how do you get 4,5 and 7? i thought i tried everything!


great game but idk how to get the last medal someone please tell me how

<deleted> responds:

Hit your computer 100 times.

great game, cool hidden challanges and medals. i still need a few tho, any one know how to get the one between "first game" and "rude text"? also between "rude text" and t"moving the tank" and the one on the far right?

Why are all the achievements purple things except for the tank... this has absolutely no relation to newgrounds.

<deleted> responds:

Because you can mostly tell what the medals are by looking at the medals and it doesn't? its okay, your eyesight problem is probably really bad to not see Newgrounds stuff.

This game is really good but only one thing : how do you get to the "play to the first game" thing?

<deleted> responds:

http://pastebin.com/xp5bXsCm Remove any spaces.

Hmm its difficult to understand this game. Somone help me?

<deleted> responds:

Hey its that ugly dude!

Nice game, maybe make it longer.

funny thing is is that i was listening to super slumber party not too long ago

Mad work bro

i don get it? wats tis game about?

the key right

<deleted> responds:

Any key actually.

game seems legit. i just cant get the four secret medals in the mid. help?


Can any1 give me a clue on what the badge next to user page badge is on the right of it?

Mandog,this ame is pretty good!i smacked the monitor 34 times i went on everything there

Nice short flash game, but how i get the medal in the right next to the norton ... pm pls i want to get it !!

<deleted> responds:

Why would you hit your computer less then once?

I used to think that you could see what a secret medal was by looking at what someone else did when they had it in their profile. This game didn't seem to have that. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the secret medals were fairly easy to get. I'm not going to explain any of them as you should be able to get to them already. My favorite part is when you get to do all that typing. Granted, that's something you could do right here, but I still found it cool.

I appreciate the notion of having your own private computer. I certainly don't have one. Of course, that might change with the stuff I've been doing recently. Anyway, I didn't like how some of the graphics looked too simplistic. It's still a pretty nice game. Again, thanks for the medals.

It lacks content, kinda gets repetitive.


How do you get the medal that's on the far right? (to the right of the Norton medal) Because that's the only one I have left to get.

when you do the matrix, it stays and gets really annoying. please fix.

<deleted> responds:

Not a bug.
Its an easter egg.

well the fact that the achievements are secret is kinda dumb. but it is really small

When you scan for viruses, between 40% and 60% it says NaN%

<deleted> responds:

It has code on each frame to go to a random frame.
And NaN is a joke

Sweet dude. The final product turned out excellent. You have to be happy with this one for sure. I told you all that extra time and hard work would pay off. Nice graphics, great backgrounds, cool features, no annoying audio, no overlapping features and no glitches. And MEDALS! Can't go wrong with medals. ;-D They are getting better every time. The next one will be amazing. Great Job!

<deleted> responds:

Thanks kev aka gamejunkie, ooh I got that wrong.

This is a nice little NG OSX. The medals work. I earned all ten of them. Will there be a sequel?

lol it was a pretty funny game. i thought the song was sick

nice game man dog!!!!!!

Not bad,but...
Yeah,it's no bad...But meh.Lots of people (or at least some) already did NG OSX,and things like that.
And buttons like contact me,play the first game,etc. doesn't work.
Maybe with a little more work it could be good.But for me it's just a decent NG OSX like the others.

<deleted> responds:

I have searched all threw Newgrounds, I could only find one other game other then the two of mine.

maldita ps

All 5 starts belong to this!
I liked the game it is just too awesome.
I liked Liquify most of all!

<deleted> responds:

Thanks xaker ;)

I like Liquify as well!



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3.66 / 5.00