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Flash movie done for school project. figured I'd upload it since i don't have much of anything here on newgrounds. This is my first ever attempt at fullbody animation.


i love fallout and you have one major flaw the wastland was created (or the great war happened for the fanboys of the fallout universe)happened on oct 28th 2077 and the games take place in like what 2458 or somthing bottom line other then that i liked it you should make a part 2.

I actually liked it. Reminds me of the game stalker for some reason. i think it was the cowboy wasteland thing i liked.

mastercilona responds:

Thanks. I actually used some stalker music from Pripyat, so that may be what reminded you of the game.

Not bad at all just short and does not tell much

mastercilona responds:

Thanks. The movie would have been longer, but there was a one week deadline for the project. Had there have been another week I probably could have actually made the movie into what I wanted.

Need to try harder but it is your best for now and you need to fix the sound of the footsteps beacause it sound different with the normal sound of footsteps

mastercilona responds:

I actually planned on making this movie about 3 minutes long (it's about 1:30), but do to the time constraint the teacher for the class gave me, I had to cut the movie short. The footsteps I thought actually sounded okay, but yes, they could have been better. I used half-life 2 combine soldier sound effects for the footsteps, because footstep sound FX are rather hard to come across. Thanks for the feedback.

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May 14, 2012
11:54 PM EDT