Diablo 3...finally!

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After all the wait, Diablo III is here! Thanks to Mathieu Gamache for animating this cartoon for Epic Popcorn, Julie Cormier for the backgrounds and Stephane Huard for his art and Louis Cormier for his voice! Check out our other cartoons on our channel!


good luck loging in

"I can't believe they finally came out with Diablo 4!"
"It's Diablo 3, dude."
"Oh, well screw it then."

Could not agree less with the person right below me, you're supposed to judge the animation not the game you fucking dumbass.

Also for the flash, there is a major need of improvement in animation and creativity in the joke which i did in no way enjoy. Sure you put alot of effort into it, the sad part is how it's already been done a thousand times. Dont worry you're on your way to becoming another famous comedy animator. Just have to work on some basic stuff and take your time.

Just as an attempt to aid you, since you're bound to tween i'd suggest using the Ease action, making the movements so much smoother and realistic. Just keep going and you'll get it right. Perhaps watch some tuturials on Youtube.

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Hilarious, fun and short XD. And the part where there denied from heaven, I totally saw that coming lol

Nice movie! If you're going to play Diablo III, why not play it in first person.

Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that 'Error 37' is the next 'arrow to the knee'?

Nah, it'll never ha... "ERROR 37!"

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May 14, 2012
10:24 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody