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Beaches and Shores

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Author Comments

An animated short of two elemental mistresses fighting over nothing.

Thank you everyone who viewed, and everyone who voted. -Front Page Representin'-


i liked it :D


to back up Gokuvegetagogetta- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iceberg_
I don't know what the viewers were expecting, but not a lot is shown, yet with that little that is shown it's like a huge story. think like this, water wants to relax with a crab, fire see this and come to hang out with water, she annoy's water a lot, water by accident hurts her, but does not want to show her she sorry, fire takes this personally and attacks back, water done with her well, yeah. but that is one story and theory.

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Hrrrrm?! OK! >:D

I think people are expecting a little too much of this really. Front page material? Sure, I reckon so. Look at the smooth animation with the water effects and the fire explosion when the fire chick lands.

To be honest, I personally think the animation was great, the clever use of lines within the water truly does make it feel that the water is swirling about.

The facial expressions of all characters (crab included) was great. You definitely portrayed each expression with a sense of believeabilty and an almost over the top feel to emphasise them.

The sound effects were decent, I've no complaints. Water sounded like water, and fire sounded like fire, great work. Music was cute and fitting of the "Idyllic desert island". It felt like a carribean beat.

The crab was cute as you like what with it hiding in the sands, I thought that was great and the "There was no survivors" joke actually made me laugh out loud it was so sudden.

Beaches and shores? Bitches and Whores? Brilliant.

I think the plot was simple, but that's fine. You don't need a trilogy in order to make a good story. Within this short flash is all you need to know, and if that's not cool with some people and leaves them feeling short changed, then they really need to look up the term "Short story".

Like when the Water chick rolls her eyes at the Fire chick, it seems her expression was lost on some of the reviewers here. Within that one eye roll, we're shown that these two have history and that they don't necessarily get along, which is proved only moments later. That gives depth to the story.

I think some people need to have things described to them in an auditory way for them to get what's happening.

That, or they have no imagination. I DUNNO.

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Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

May 14, 2012
7:54 PM EDT
Comedy - Original